MINELRES: EC: Anti-discrimination law: the 25 Member States compared

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For Diversity - Against Discrimination 

Anti-discrimination law: the 25 Member States compared  
The European Commission’s Network of Legal Experts in non-discrimination
has issued a new comparative analysis of anti-discrimination laws in the
25 EU Member States – drawing on the comprehensive country reports it
has already produced. The report compares and contrasts the different
national laws, identifying trends and common aspects in implementation
of the two Directives. By considering each of the different grounds of
discrimination in turn and collectively, it provides a comprehensive
overview of national legislation to combat discrimination across the EU.

The report is available in English
, French 

Remedies and sanctions in EC non-discrimination law 

The network has also published a new report examining the concept of
“effective, proportionate and dissuasive sanctions” – and what it means
for the implementation of the Race and Employment Equality Directives.
As a background, the report discusses the development and meaning of the
concept in EC sex equality law (where it has its historic origin) and in
general EC law. It then turns to requirements under international human
rights law. Finally, it discusses remedies and sanctions in the specific
framework of the EU Directives, as well as upper limits on compensation.

The report is currently available in English
 French and German versions will be available

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