MINELRES: CfA: Training on EU Anti-Discrimination Law for NGO Activists in Poland, Warsaw, 16-19 February 2005

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Minority Rights Group International 
and Polskie Stowarzyszenie Edukacji Prawnej


Call for Participants

Minority Rights Group International (MRG) and Polskie Stowarzyszenie
Edukacji Prawnej (PSEP) (Polish Association for Legal Education) are
calling for participants for their upcoming training on opportunities
for combating discrimination within the national and EC Race Directive
frameworks. This training will take place from 16 to 19 February 2006 in
Warsaw and is designed for NGO and grassroots activists in Poland.

This training is part of a two year project to combat discrimination
funded by EC Community Action Programme to Combat Discrimination and
implemented by Minority Rights Group International, European Roma Rights
Center and Swedish Ombudsman against Ethnic Discrimination.
Participating organisations will be expected to work on improving
anti-discrimination legislation and its implementation. NGOs will be
encouraged to link with anti-discrimination lawyers on strategic
litigation and advocacy. 

Objectives and Content of the Training 

The training has two objectives:

- To strengthen the activists' skills to document the violations
experienced by communities, to support victims through the
administrative process of getting justice, and to make contact with
lawyers who are willing to take on discrimination cases
- To increase activists' capacity to use anti-discrimination norms and
standards in order to support strategic litigation through related

The training will contain an overview of international system of
minority protection, international and national law related to
elimination of discrimination, and advocacy strategies.  The training
will focus on the Race Directive and cover issues such as direct and
indirect discrimination, burden of proof and documenting
discrimination.  The training will also include an analysis of the
Polish legislation related to anti-discrimination and how to use
administrative and judicial process to achieve justice.   .  


The training will combine presentations with practical work, such as
small group work.  Participants will be encouraged to draw on their
experience, and will be required to prepare a case study in advance of
the training. 

One of the main objectives of this project to develop cooperation
between NGOs and lawyers working on discrimination issues and help them
tackle discrimination together as a team. The project aims to ensure it
by supporting strategic litigation activity/ies.  To this end 4-5
anti-discrimination lawyers will also participate in the training. 
Possibilities for these lawyers and NGOs to work together on such case/s
and related advocacy will be developed during the training, and they
will be expected to work in cooperation on strategic cases in the

Selection criteria for participants

Participants will be selected based on the following organisational and
professional criteria:

1) Participants will be selected from NGOs which work or intend to work
on elimination of discrimination based on racial or ethnic origin,
religion or beliefs, and on minority protection. 

2) NGOs will have demonstrated capacity to engage in anti-discrimination
work, including advocacy and cooperating with lawyers on strategic
cases.  NGOs are NOT required to do their own litigation work or provide
legal aid to be selected for the training.

3) Participants will be staff members of their NGOs in positions which
will enable them to carry through the benefits of the training.

4) Participants will have experience of working with marginalized
communities and on elimination of discrimination.

5) Participants will be fluent in Polish and will live in Poland.

6) MRG and PSEP will aim to ensure that at least two-thirds of
participants come from minority or other racially or ethnically
discriminated communities.  MRG will also aim for a gender and
geographical balance.

Selected participants will be asked to prepare a summary of
discrimination cases they would like to address. These should be
connected with participants' work.  The examples will be used in the
working groups as case studies; and will enable participants to
practically apply the instruments examined in the training to the actual
events. More information will be given to selected participants, and the
case studies should be received by MRG no later than 3 February 2006.   

Language of the Training

The training will be in Polish, with English/Polish translations where


Travel, accommodation and subsistence will be covered by the programme. 
Participants will be required to participate in the WHOLE training to
have these costs covered.


The deadline for application is 30 November 2005.

Send Applications in Polish or English to:

Nurcan Kaya 

Minority Rights Group International
54 Commercial Street
London, United Kingdom
E1 6LT

Tel: +44 (0)20 7422 4221
Fax: +44 (0)20 7422 4201


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