MINELRES: Fwd: European Commission Internship for Young Roma University Graduates

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Wed Nov 2 11:41:01 2005

Original sender: Roma Network <romale@zahav.net.il>


The Open Society Institute, in association with the European Commission,
offers internships for young Roma university graduates from all new EU
member states (excluding Cyprus and Malta), Bulgaria, Croatia, Former
Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Romania, Serbia and Montenegro
(including Kosovo), and Turkey.

The goals of the internship are:

- to give Roma interns an idea of the objectives and problems of
European integration; 
- to provide them with practical knowledge of the working of Commission
- to enable them to acquire personal experience in the course of their
everyday work; 
- to enable them to increase and put into practice the knowledge they
have acquired during their studies or professional careers.

For more information, see the internship application guidelines.


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