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On May 20-21 an interregional conference "Ways for dialog between the
law-enforcement services and human rights organizations in questions of
combating racialism, xenophobia and other kinds of national and
religious intolerance" took place in Kazan (TISBI Academy of
management). The conference was organized by by the Moscow bureau for
human rights (MBHR) in partnership with Kazan Human Rights Center.

MBHR director, Mr. A. Brod, have met with the OSCE High Commissioner on
national minorities affairs Mr. Rolf Ekeus, who attended Moscow with a
working visit. The problems of xenophobia, anti-Semitism and ethnic
discrimination demonstrations in Russia were discussed. Julia Voloshina,
MBHR expert, took part in conference "Monitoring of racial ideas on
Internet", organized in Warsaw by International network on combating
racialism on Internet, supported by the OSCE program on tolerance and
anti-discrimination. Julia Voloshina made an overview of neo-nazi
resources on Russian Internet. 

The Moscow bureau for human rights, "Holocaust" foundation and Russian
Section of International society for human rights addressed a letter to
the General prosecutor of RF V. Ustinov with a demand to institute legal
proceedings under the art. 282 CC RF against Mikhail Nazarov. M.
Nazarov, according to their point of view, is publishing during 5 years
books and articles of clearly xenophobic, chauvinistic content.. The
authors consider that Russian justice had shut till now itís eyes on Mr.
Nazarovís and other radicalsí activity, which sets people on to fight,
promotes hate and violence, instigates to bloodshed.

An NBP (National-Bolshevist Party) department in Kaliningrad joined a
part of citizens demanding to ban the building of
"Lithuania-Kaliningrad" center. They say itís a "connivance to the
expansion of a neighbor state-midget", which "offends Russia and itís
citizens". Kaliningrad government stopped the building.

A "Round table" took place in Ulan-Ude under the initiative of L.
Sinegribov, "Sudíba" newspaper editor-in-chief. Leaders of youth
organizations of Buryatia, "Yedinaya Rossiya" representatives, members
of International Union of former minor fascism prisoners discussed the
reasons of neo-fascism in Russia, similarity of nazism and terrorism

There are already 14 writs put in Administration of Internal affairs of
Novosibirskaya oblast from the burnt down gypsies of Iskitim. Neither
citizens of Iskitim, nor the authorities demonstrate sympathy to the
victims. Local press supports negative attitude toward gypsies by
savoring the details of the case of gypsy women, suspected in selling

Karelian mafti Visam Ali Bardvil mentioned Kostomuksha-town as the most
tolerant in republic from the muslimsí point of view. Here the first
muslim community was registered and a permission to build a mosque was

After a little break a newspaper "Slavyanskiy nabat", known for itís
xenophobic and anti-Semitic spirit, began to be published again. The
publishers are Russian nationalists from the organization "All-Slavic
council of Minin and

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