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Dr.Sondra Thiederman: 7 Steps for Defeating Bias in the Workplace.
Making Diversity Work.
On Sale Now. $22.95 

Written in an involving, easy-to-read style and backed-up with
real-workplace examples, Making Diversity Work outlines: 
How to recognize that everybody, regardless of race, ethnicity, or
gender has biases that need to be eliminated. 
How to tell the difference between a truly biased attitude and a
How to identify the often hidden "Guerilla Biases"" that can damage
workplace productivity and result in litigation. 
How to utilize thought, emotion, and behavior change to minimize bias
and thereby, see team members more accurately. 
How to communicate effectively when faced with diversity-related
How to use the "Magic If"" strategy to identify shared values and build
better teams. 

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