MINELRES: Odysseus Academic Network: Summer School "EU Immigration and Asylum Law and Policy", Brussels, 4-15 July 2005

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We are contacting you on behalf of the Odysseus Academic Network for
legal studies on immigration and asylum in Europe.

After having successfully launched this programme in 2001 in Brussels,
we will this year organise the fifth edition of the Summer School on
"European Union Immigration and Asylum Law and Policy" which will take
place at Universite Libre de Bruxelles from 4th  to 15th  July 2005. 
Please find enclosed the programme of this year.

I would be very much obliged if you could disseminate the information
about our Summer School to any interested persons or institutions.

The registration is only available online:


I am at your full disposal should you have any queries or should you
need any further information (odysseus@ulb.ac.be).

ABSTRACT: The aim of the Summer School is to provide its participants
with an extensive understanding of the immigration and asylum policy of
the European Union (EU) from a legal point of view.

The programme is organised by the "Academic Network for Legal Studies on
Immigration and Asylum in  Europe", founded with the support of the
Odysseus Programme of  the European Commission and co-ordinated by the
Universite Libre de Bruxelles.

The course provides both the opportunity to live in a unique European
environment, as Brussels hosts numerous European and international
organisations and their research facilities, and to take part in an
intellectually stimulating experience in groups of several tens of 
participants specialised in the area of asylum and immigration from all 
over Europe. The classes are conducted by academics from the
universities  co-operating in the Network which is represented in each
of the fifteen  member states of the European Union, in collaboration
with high ranking officials from international organisations,
particularly the European  Commission.

Each class is given both in French and in English.

Participation in the Summer School is rewarded with a certificate of 

The classes which are of legal character offer both theoretical and 
practical elements, and tackle the most recent developments in the

The latest preparatory work by the European Commission and legislative
projects from the Council and Parliament are integrated into the
teaching,  thanks in particular to the participation of European
officials as lecturers at the summer school.

Each participant will receive extensive relevant up-to-date

Sorry if you receive this message more than once.

I thank you for your collaboration

Yours sincerely

On behalf of the Odysseus Team

Secretaire - Secretary
Reseau academique ODYSSEUS Academic Network
Universite Libre de Bruxelles - CP 137
av. Roosevelt, 50
B - 1050 Brussels
Phone: 32 2 650 49 96 PM
Fax: 32 2 650 45 46
Mail: odysseus@ulb.ac.be 

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