MINELRES: CFA: Ethnic Conflict and Diversity Management Training of Trainers course, Budapest, September 10-18, 2005

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Ethnic Diversity and Conflict Management - Training of Trainers
EDCM TOT # 4, Budapest, Hungary, September 10-18, 2005 

Local Government and Public Reform Initiatives (LGI) of the Open Society
Institute Budapest in cooperation with Partners Foundation for Local
Development (FPDL) - Regional Program "Working Together" - is organizing
the fourth Ethnic Diversity and Conflict Management Training of
Trainers, EDCM TOT, in English language.

The process of democratization means that more of the decisions that
affect people's daily lives are made at local level and communities have
bigger opportunities to participate in the decision making process. 
Broader participation brings new challenges for local decision makers:
they have to manage with limited public resources diverse groups' needs
and interests, many times conflicting ones. Therefore they need skills
and capacity to integrate knowledge of ethnicity and diversity as well
as of conflict prevention and resolution methods in their policy-making

Participants will improve knowledge and skills in delivering to local
policy-makers of multiethnic communities, interactive and participatory
training on conflict prevention and management.

Specific Objectives 
* Participants will deepen their understanding and improve their
knowledge of the ethnic diversity and conflict management fields, as
well as of the European framework of diversity and local policy making
in multi-ethnic communities
* Participants will improve knowledge and skills in the design and
conduct of interactive and participatory training programs focused on
conflict prevention and management methods in multiethnic communities 
* Participants will elaborate action plans for future training
activities at national level, for local policy makers, in order to
disseminate the acquired knowledge and skills

Participants from Central and Southeast Europe, Central Asia and
Indonesia can apply in this program. They will be selected based on the
on-line Registration Forms and the following criteria:
* Having training experience and knowledge in the topics
* Working for training institutions that have the capacity to multiply
the program at national level
* Good English language skills
* Priority will be given to Roma trainers working with the national
secretariats of the Decade of Roma Inclusion Initiative in the CEE

Core trainers are: 
* Ana Vasilache and Nicole Rata (FPDL) 
* Petra Kovacs and Zsuzsa Katona (LGI)

Short Description
In the 1st component, September 11-13, 2005:
Participants will deepen understanding and will improve knowledge of
conflict management basic concepts, European framework of diversity and
policy making, as well as of experiential learning methodology and
training tools, while also studying training design principles.
In the 2nd component, September 14-16, 2005:
Participants will improve knowledge and skills in the areas of:
* Designing training sessions
* Conducting training sessions and working in teams
* Giving and receiving feedback
* Ethnic Diversity and Conflict Management topics
In the 3rd component, September 17, 2004:
Participants discussed about the lessons learned and developed action
plans to apply the acquired knowledge and skills in national programs.

Training Manuals
The training is based on the "Ethnic Diversity and Conflict Management"
Training Manual elaborated by Ana Vasilache - FPDL for LGI Managing
Multiethnic Communities program and will be supported by other LGI
publications, such as "Diversity in Action: Local Public Management of
Multiethnic Communities" (LGI, 2001) edited by Anna-Maria Biro and Petra
Kovacs, "Managing Multiethnic Local Communities in Countries of
Former Yugoslavia" (LGI, 2000) edited by Nenad Dimitrijevic and
"Managing Hatred and Distrust: the Prognosis for inter-ethnic
coexistence in the countries of the former Yugoslavia" (2004) edited by
Dimitrijevic and Petra Kovacs (http://lgi.osi.hu/publications/books/) 
LGI covers all expenses related to training tuition and materials,
accommodation, meals and transportation to and from Budapest. 

On-line application on FPDL website <http://www.fpdl.ro/apply_desc.html> 
Deadline for application: June 24, 2005
Deadline for selection: July 1, 2005
Those selected should send no late than July 8, 2005, to Angela
Radosits, LGI Program assistant, aradosits@osi.hu
Tel: ++361 327 3104 Fax: ++361 327 3105
* Confirmation of participation with travel schedule and ticket costs
* Data for the Invitation Letter (if visa is needed for Hungary):
passport number, date and place of issue, passport validity date, date
and place of birth and addressSelected participants should arrive in
Budapest on Saturday, September 10, 2005 and depart on Sunday September

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