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AND EASTERN EUROPE, 25 - 27 August 2005 in Prague

More information is available at www.migrationonline.cz/workshop.shtml 


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Deadline for submitting abstracts is 15 JUNE 2005

The Multicultural Center Prague and Faculty of Humanities of Charles
University in Prague will hold a three-day workshop on `Migration
Processes in Central Eastern Europe'. The aim is to bring together
researchers and experts from academia and non-governmental organisations
to discuss current migration patterns and related issues in the
countries of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). We invite both young and
more experienced specialists to submit an abstract of their presentation
for the afternoon seminar sessions of the workshop (see description

The workshop will incorporate debates about migration theories,
presentations of empirically based research in the "region," and
experiences of non-governmental representatives dealing with the issue
of migration in CEE.

Additionally, the initiative is envisaged as the first step towards
long-term cooperation of migration analysts and experts, thus creating
an interdisciplinary network for a dynamic dialogue. The main
coordinator - the Migration Online section of the Multicultural Center
Prague - specializes in providing information and analyses of migration
processes and policies in the Czech Republic and other (not only)
Central Eastern European countries. Its website www.migrationonline.cz
shall serve as the platform for the future cooperation. This workshop is
organized with the generous support of the Open Society Fund Prague
within the framework of the East East Program and UNHCR Czech Republic.

Organisation of the workshop

1) Three morning PANELS, delivered by invited key speakers and experts.
Some of the invited participants are: Dusan Drbohlav (Charles
University, Prague), Nina Glick Schiller (Max Planck Institute for
Social Anthropology, Halle), Endre Sik (ELTE University, Budapest),
Dariusz Stola (Center of Migration Research, Warsaw), Claire Wallace
(Institute for Advanced Studies, Vienna), Dumitru Sandu (Bucharest

- Migration patterns and policies in Central and Eastern Europe

- Socio-Anthropological challenges for studying migration

- Reception of refugees in Central Eastern Europe

2) The afternoon sessions will consist of SEMINARS organised around the
following areas:

- Integrating gender, class, ethnicity and age into the studies of

- Refugees in Central and Eastern Europe: reception, integration and
various institutional responses

- The impacts of migration on local social structures: `receiving' and
`sending' settings, urban and rural, international and national

- Borders and borderlands of the European Union

- Migration management: the role of non-governmental organizations,
experts and researchers

- Migration policies and migrants' practices

- Comparing forms of migrants' exclusion and inclusion in Central
Eastern Europe: from citizen(-ship), denizen, asylum-seeker to
foreigner, alien and illegal


While researchers are expected to present a paper based on their
research, NGO representatives can also deliver a presentation based on
their experiences with assisting migrants, cooperating and negotiating
with governmental organizations and/or other NGOs, etc. All
presentations should not be longer than 15-20 minutes.  The written
draft of the presentation shall be submitted two weeks before the
workshop. The working language will be English and there will be no
translation provided.

More detailed descriptions of the topics along with the registration
form and other information on the workshop will soon be available at

Interested applicants shall write an abstract (not more than 500 words),
fill in the registration form, and send it along with their curriculum
vitae (including a list of publications if any) to migrace@mkc.cz.
Completed applications are to be submitted electronically at the latest
by 15 June. Applicants will be notified about the results of the
application by 21 June. Should you have any further questions, do not
hesitate to contact Marek Canek at Multicultural Center Prague,
Vodickova 36, 110 00 Praha 1, Czech Republic, email: mise@mkc.cz,
tel./fax +420 - 296 325

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