MINELRES: MBHR digest: Xenophobia and ethnic extremism in Russia

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Xenophobia and ethnic extremism

A recurring legal proceedings over the publisher of "Mein Kampf" and
other massacre literature V.Korchagin, who is also one of the
"National-sovereign party of Russia" (NDPR), is coming to its end. The
last witness for the defense and the accused himself will be
interrogated on 14th of May in Timiryasevskiy district court of Moscow,
with pleadings of prosecutor and defender to be held after that.
Defender of V.Korchagin on this proceedings is co-chairman of NDPR
A.Sevastyanov, known as a person who publicly, on television, approved
of the murder of legal expert N.Girenko last year.

Approximately one and a half hundred citizens of Ulan-Ude, the capitol
of Buryatiya, protested on the central square on 29th of April against
“encouragement of Fascism by the leaders of Baltic states”. The main
irritant for the protestants was Latvia president Vaira Vike-Freiberga,
symbolized by a rubber doll. In the end of this action, organized by the
Foundation of people’s initiatives and regional department of "United
Russia" party, participants ceremonially let the air out of the doll.  

Vladimir Tyulpanov, chairman of legislative Assembly of
Saint-Petersburg, addressed an official greetings to the organizers of
"For the sake of life" Festival ("Culture against the war, extremism and
terrorism"). The official opening of the Festival, which was established
by the Moscow bureau for human rights and Russian Section of
International society for human rights, took place on 23th of April in

Alexandr Brod, director of Moscow bureau for human rights, and Semyon
Charniy, MBHR expert, appeared on the organized by the Research
Institute of MIA RF round table "Problems of counteraction to extremism
in Russian Federation", which took place in Moscow. A.Brod spoke about
the results of cooperation between the bureau and MIA. He mentioned that
MBHR has also prepared a methodic manual, devoted to the ideology of
skin-heads; a part of it’s circulation will be distributed with support
of MIA among their staff in regions. S.Charniy noted that in spite of
some energization of law-enforcement services’ struggle against
national-radicals, in the number of regions still remains a sad
tradition, when law-enforcement services’ staff tries to smooth over
national hate motivation of crimes, turning skin-heads’ activity to a
simple hooliganism. It happens mainly because of reluctance to spoil the
statistics of heinous crimes revelations. 

Russian "Holocaust" Foundation, Moscow bureau for human rights, Russian
Section of International society for human rights directed an open
letter to the RF State Duma Chairman B.V.Gryslov, which contained a
proposal to open an exhibition in State Duma building. The exhibition,
prepared by the “Holocaust” Foundation staff, will be devoted to the
Holocaust tragedy and is supposed to preserve such disgusting cases as
the sadly known anti-Semitic letter of several State Duma deputies to

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