MINELRES: Report: Lithuanian Roma and Statistics

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Fri May 13 08:07:02 2005

Original sender: Roma Network <romale@zahav.net.il>

>From the [Roma Network] Editor: Those of you who would like to receive
the report "Lithuanian Roma and Statistics" (1 MB) should address their
request to romale@zahav.net.il with the words "Lithuanian Report" in the
"Subject" line.
From: Egle K. Kucinskaite <egle_kristina@yahoo.co.uk>

Dear Colleagues,
I attach a report "Lithuanian Roma and Statistics" (Word format, zipped
file). It reviews statistical data about Lithuanian Roma and also some
other alternative sources of information on different fields of live:
demographic trends, knowledge of mother tongue and command of other
languages, housing, sources of livelihood, employment, education, health
and tolerance in the society. A summary is included with shorter
overview of all data.
Many of the presented statistics were ordered by the Roma NGO "Roma
Mission" (Kaunas) from the Department of Statistics at the end of 2003,
when it was expected that representatives of Roma NGOs and of civil
society will have an opportunity to participate in preparation of the
second stage Roma Integration Programme. Truly said, nothing especially
new was expected from these data by Roma themselves, especially in case
of Roma organisations. The idea to order the data came thinking about
tools, what could stop once some speculations at high level that the
situation of Vilnius Roma is not good, but the Roma live integrated and
even better than ethnic Lithuanians in other parts of Lithuania. This
information was thought also needed for other involved actors who have
even less realistic information about Roma.
This report may be interesting for Roma and human rights organisations
of other countries to look what basic indicators may be found in
statistic agencies. 
Your remarks about the above mentioned materials are most welcome.
Those who prefer to read it in Lithuanian, please, write me. I will send
it as soon as I will finish to re-write this information, in some 2-3
Yours sincerely,
Egle Kristina Kucinskaite
Kranto al. 64-25, LT-45282 Kaunas, Lithuania.
Mobile: +370 615 85402
E-mail: egle_kristina@one.lt, egle_kristina@yahoo.co.uk