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UNITED E-NEWS 26/4/05: Sign online petition: European citizenship for
all residents!
(only for European Union countries)

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All equal! All citizens!

in favour of

Please find below a petition to extend European citizenship to all
residents, regardless of their nationality. To achieve its goal, this
petition must collect more than one million signatures from all European
Union countries.

To succeed, it is necessary that partners supervise the "One million"
petition campaign and collect signatures in each European Union country.

The petition is translated into the different languages of the European

One million signatures for a EUROPEAN CITIZENSHIP OF RESIDENCE

The European Union constitution draft, like previous treaties,
stipulates that "people who have the nationality of a member State" 
hold the European Union citizenship. Today, as yesterday, we find this
definition inacceptable because it excludes 15 million extra-European
people residing in the European Union from European citizenship.

In case the Constitution is adopted, and according to Art 1-46-4, one
million citizens (at least) from several member States can call for an
initiative from the Commission. This is the object of the present
petition, which aims at gathering more than one million signatures in
European countries in order to ask for a new definition of European
"Any individual who resides on a territory of a member State or who is a
national of a member State gains citizenship of the Union".

Whatever the evolution of the Constitution draft, the collected
signatures will be delivered to the Union different Governments, to the
European Commission and to the European Parliament.


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