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Dear Subscribers,
Please find Legislationline newsletter for February 2005 at
This newsletter contain a detailed account of all data and news items
posted in the course of February 2005. Your attention is drawn to the
new section III on Constitutions, Criminal Codes and Codes of Criminal
Procedure that are currently being collected and gradually posted on
Legislationline. This is a work in progress. Should you be aware of
online libraries, databases or publications containing up-to-date
information or data in respect of these texts, we would be grateful if
you could contact Katarzyna Koryzma (Koryzma.Katarzyna@odihr.pl) or send
a message to this e-mail account. 
Be reminded that you may access an electronic version of all newsletters
directly from the site by clicking "newsletter" in the grey stripe at
the top of the screen (homepage). At the same location, you may click on
"legal news" and from there, select news items by topic, country,
organization, month, as well as a combination of these criteria.  
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