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Tue Mar 22 16:49:43 2005

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Dear All

As many of you have noticed, in recent months, the Balkan Human Rights
Web Pages (http://www.greekhelsinki.gr) had not been updated. This was
due to the exhaustion of all financial means that allowed us to assign
this work to the very competent team of Alexis and Nikos Tsakoniatis,
whom we thank for all their contribution over the years. The last news
in the old website included information through November 2004.

We have the pleasure to announce that we have been able to start
constructing a new website thanks to the valuable design of Iris Media
Ltd. It has all current news since 1 March 2005 and allows updating it
internally at GHM. It can now be accessed always through the previous
index page (http://www.greekhelsinki.gr) or directly at

The contents of the new site can be viewed at 

The Greek Human Rights Web Pages are available at: 

We also want to highlight that we have two special pages whose content
is not shown in the general index page:
Middle East Conflict: http://cm.greekhelsinki.gr/index.php?ctg=216
Iraq Conflict: http://cm.greekhelsinki.gr/index.php?ctg=245

We still have a long way to go to be able to fully link all special
pages of the new site with the old ones and include the missing material
for the period December 2004 - February 2005. We count on the patience
of the users. We will also appreciate all comments and suggestions for
our new site still under construction.

Thank you for your fidelity.

Greek Helsinki Monitor
e-mail: office@greekhelsinki.gr

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