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UNITED E-NEWS: Study Session "All Different All Equal" 

Invitation from Minorities of Europe & Young Women from Minorities to
nominate young delegates to their Study Session "All Different All
Equal", 29th May - 5th June 2005 - European Youth Centre Strasbourg

In case you are interested, please nominate by email directly at the
organisers sanil@moe-online.com


Minorities of Europe & Young Women from Minorities

Study Session  "All Different All Equal"
New challenges for European youth in a multicultural Europe
10 years after the European youth campaign
European Youth Centre, Strasbourg
29th May - 5th June 2005

Why this study session?
Minorities of Europe (MoE) & Young Women for Minorities (WFM) are
committed to supporting the work of the Council of Europe, Directorate
of Youth & Sports Programme. MoE & WFM will be organising a double study
session, at the European Youth Centre in Strasbourg from 29th May - 5th
June 2005 which will bring together 60 minority youth leaders and
workers active at community and local level to discuss and develop
strategies of developing social cohesion through minority youth
participation in their activities or work.  Participants will also use
the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the work of Minorities of
Europe & Young Women for Minorities.

Overall Aim of the Study Session
- To understand the new challenges facing minority young men & women in
today's European multicultural society ten years after the "All
Different All Equal" campaign (racism, anti-Semitism, xenophobia and
intolerance) and given the action of minority youth organisations such
as MoE & WFM, and to consider future strategy for the creation of "One
Europe for All"
In pursuing this aim, we'll make use of the experiences of Council of
Europe Youth Directorate Programme and previous and current experiences,
activities of 'Minorities of Europe' & Young Women for Minorities.

Objectives of the Study Session
- Review the achievements and follow up of the "All Different-All Equal"
Campaign", in the Youth Directorate of youth and sport and the wider
International context;
- Evaluate the achievements and role of Minorities of Europe and Young
Women From Minorities as organisations born within the campaign, in
encouraging minority youth, serving minority communities, raising the
profile of minority youth issues and to helping to develop a more
inclusive European society;
- To examine and introduce intercultural learning and gender
mainstreaming as ways to promote social inclusion and participation of 
minority young people  in Europe;
- To evaluate the impact of minority youth activities run by
organisations such as MoE & WFM on the lives of their participants and
see how their participation changed their life, what they have done
since, what they are doing now, has this helped them and their minority
communities and what overall difference this may have made to overcome
racism, gender based discrimination and intolerance;
- To understand the situation of minority youth in Europe today. How
there situation may have improved and the new challenges they face;
- Contribute to the celebrations of the "All Different All Equal"
campaign, the European Youth Centre Strasbourg and the role it should
play in the future regarding the fight against racism and
- To make recommendations from the study session to the statutory bodies
of the Directorate of Youth and Sport and important policy making events
foreseen in 2005/2006 (Summit, Ministers Conference, European Youth
Forum Campaign, European & nation) on areas such as the situation of
minority youth, equality, citizenship, human rights and the involvement
of minority young people in decision and policy making;
- To raise the issue of conditions of financial support of minority
organisations and conditions of part in national, European
representative structure as barriers to minority youth participation;
- To gather contributions for the development of organisational
strategies to better serve needs of minority youth today and in the

In achieving these aims and objectives, Minorities of Europe will aspire
to strengthen and enlarge its existing European network and encourage
new partnerships.

Methodology of the study session
The working methods of the study session will facilitate the exchange of
information. The projects and experiences of the participants will serve
as the basis for reflection and discussion of good practices.
Contributions by participants and invited experts will give a broad
picture of existing theories, initiatives, projects and approaches to
work with young people from minority communities. Inputs and discussions
in plenary sessions, thematic working groups and workshops on different
approaches to work on 'New challenges for European youth in a
multicultural Europe'.
10 years after the European youth campaign will provide further
knowledge and understanding of the issue. Furthermore they should serve
as a basis to sustain Minorities of Europe & Young Women from Minorities
Network and create new partnership for exchange and co-operation after
the study session.

A published report will be one of the outcomes of the study session.
This report will document the different ideas and practices on 'New
challenges for European youth in a multicultural Europe' 10 years after
the European youth campaign and potential synergies presented and
established during the Study session.

Profile of participants
The Study session will bring together 60 participants from a variety of
- Youth leaders and youth workers and NGO representatives, who are
already working with minority youth;
- Working with minority youth on human rights & intercultural dialogue.
- Involved in some part of the "All Different All Equal" and still
multiplying the experiences gained during and after it,
- Aged 18-30
- Able to speak English, French or Russian
- Actively involved in or supporting work with minority youth
- Able to attending for the full duration of the study session.

Practical and Financial conditions of participation
Arrival day will be Sunday 29th May 2005 (before 16:00 hours).
Departure day will be Sunday 5th June 2005.

European Youth Centre, Strasbourg, 30 rue Pierre de Coubertin, F-67000
Strasbourg Wacken
Working languages:
The working languages will be English, French and Russian with
simultaneous interpretation. Final working languages will be based upon
actual participants needs.

Board and lodging:
Board and lodging are provided and paid for by the Council of Europe.

Travel expenses:
Travel expenses and visa fees will be reimbursed (on presentation of the
relevant receipts) according to the rules of the Council of Europe. Only
the costs of those participants who attend the entire study session will
be reimbursed. The payment will be made by cash (in Euros) towards the
end of the course.

Participation Fee
An participation fee of 45 Euros is payable by each participant. This
amount will be deducted from the amount to be reimbursed for travel
expenses. For participants with travel costs lower than 45 Euros, the
difference needs to be paid to Minorities of Europe at the EYCS during
the course.

Application procedure and selection of participants
All those interested in attending must return the application form to
the secretariat of MoE, by e-mail, post or Telefax, by 25th March 2005.

The preparatory team will select 60 participants on the basis of the
profile outlined above and ensuring a balanced group (gender,
geographical regions, different types of experiences, cultural
backgrounds and organisations). A waiting list may be established.

Candidates will be informed about whether their application has been
accepted or rejected, and if they have put on the waiting list, by 1st
April. The accepted candidates will receive the official invitations
directly from the European Youth Centre Strasbourg and/or Minorities of

Deadline for applications: 25th March 2005

Preparatory team
The study session is being prepared by a team composed of:

Levent EYIPISIREN             Minorities of Europe, Chairman, Turkey
Kirit MISTRY              Minorities of Europe, Treasurer, UK
Fatiha TARIB         Minorities of Europe, Board Member, France
Pervanna Mammadove            Minorities of Europe, Board Member,
Mariam YASSIN             Young Women from Minorities, President, Italy
Michelle THOMPSON          Young Women from Minorities, UK
Germana MOJICA           Young Women from Minorities, ITALY
Banafshe HEJAZI         Young Women from Minorities, Secretary, The
Yael OHANA              Educational Advisor, Council of Europe
Mohammed DHALECH                External Advisor

Double Study Session "All Different All Equal"
New challenges for European youth in a multicultural Europe
10 years after the European youth campaign
European Youth Centre, Strasboug, 29th May - 5th June 2005

Please type and return by email or write in capital letters and return
by E-mail, post or fax by
25st March 2005

1. Contact Details

First Name:                                                           

Last Name:

Postal address (street, number, city, postal code, country):



Mobile telephone:                                               


Gender: Male / Female            



Working languages (Please specify all your working languages):
English        Russian 
Others (please specify):

2. Organisation or institution


Postal address:




Web-page: http:/www.

Please describe the minority group you represent and briefly the scope
and activities of your organisation/initiative/institution in relation
to work with new challenges for European youth in a multi-cultural
Europe(Please also include a support letter from your sending

Your role in the organisation:

3. Relation to the Study Session themes
What is your personal/professional experience in relation to active
participation in European youth?

4. Motivation

Why would you like to participate in this study session?

How will your organisation benefit from your participation at this study

What do you expect as an outcome of this study session for you and your
work with the theme of the Study Session? Do you plan a follow-up?

What previous Minorities of Europe, Young Women for Minorities, Council
of Europe, and Directorate of Youth & Sports or any other activities
have you attended? Please specify name of activity and dates?

Do you have any project ideas you would like to discuss at the study

Special needs: Do you have any special needs or requirements that the
organisers should take into account (e.g. dietary, disability, etc.)?

Visa - If you are accepted as a participant on this course, will you
require assistance in obtaining a visa to France?    
Yes         No 
(If yes, please indicate)

Your date of birth:                     

Passport No.:   

Issued at (place):

Issued on (date):                       

Date of expiry:

Signature                                     Date:

PLEASE E-MAIL APPLICATION TO: sanil@moe-online.com


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