MINELRES: Georgia: Javakheti Armenians' appeal to President Saakashvili

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Fri Mar 18 19:03:21 2005

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(Georgia, Javakhk, Akhalkalak) March 13, 2005

Today a demonstration took place in Akhalkalak uniting about ten
thousand people. The demonstration started at 10:00 AM and lasted till
1:00 PM. After the demonstration the participants did not dissipate and
on the main square a concert with Armenian national songs took place.
After this signatures were collected to be sent to Mikhail Saakashvili
and the Georgian parliament with the following demands:

1) Recognition of the Armenian genocide of 1915 by the Georgian

2) Voting of a law on the protection of National Minorities Rights in

3) Abandon of the interdiction to teach Armenian history in Armenian
schools and the prohibition of excursions to Armenia for school children
in Armenian schools in Georgia.

4) Demand not to withdraw the Russian Military Base in Akhalkalak (as it
represents a major stability and economic factor for the region).

5) Return the administrative services to Akhalkalak (such as the
Passport division).

The Organization of the demonstration requests that their demands be
answered until March 31.

Organisers of the demonstration
Social Union
"United Javakhk"
Information Agency "Javakhk-Info"
Tel: +995 99 914 600