MINELRES: Fwd: Belgian seminars on the situation of Kosovo Roma

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Tue Mar 15 14:16:30 2005

Original sender: Roma Network <romale@zahav.net.il>

From: Wolf Bruggen <wolf.bruggen@vmc.be>
Dear all,
Hereby I would like to draw your attention to the following initiative :
"Tussen wal en schip": de situatie van de Kosovaarse Roma.
April 13nd will be the day on which Belgian services, politicians, media
and public persons will be professionally informed about the situation
of the Roma from Kosovo. Their situation in Kosovo as well as in the
host country Belgium, their legal status and a political reflection on
all this. 
In the morning there is a seminar in the city library of Sint-Niklaas
with speakers and work shops on education and health care. More
information at info@vlos.be
In the afternoon there is a seminar in the AROMA building, room Mirre,
Vooruitgangstraat 323 in Brussels. Speakers are: Mr. Bajram Haliti (Roma
expert from Serbia-Montenegro), Mr. Imer Kajtazi (Chairman Romano
Dzuvdipe), Dr. Piet Willems, Kris Pollet (legal adviser
Vluchtelingenwerk Vlaanderen) and Mrs Magda De Meyer (Sp.a, MP Belgian
Parliament). Moderator is Mr. Wolf Bruggen (staff member policy
department, Flemisch Minority Center).
Candidate participants have to inscribe through: linh.vu@vmc.be
More information through: wolf.bruggen@vmc.be
Working language in both seminars is Dutch. Translation is only provided
for Mr. Haliti from Serb to Dutch.  
Sincerely Yours,
Wolf Bruggen
Staff member policy department
Expert in Roma Affairs & Undocumented People
Flemisch Minority Centre
Vooruitgangstraat 323 - 1030 Brussels - Belgium
Tel ++32 (0) 2 205 00 71 
Fax ++32 (0) 2 205 00 60 
Mobile phone ++ (0) 486.32.57.62.