MINELRES: Fwd: Roma people - "extraterrestrials" in the political life of Moldova

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Mon Mar 7 09:08:22 2005

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From: Tarna Rom <utr@moldova.md>
Dear friends,

On the 2nd of March, 2005 the Union of Young Roma from Moldova "Tarna
Rom" organized a press conference at INFOTAG regarding the project
"Choose and you will be chosen" with the financial support of Eurasia

During this press conference, Tarna Rom mentioned that Roma people in
Moldova are not informed regarding the electoral process (on the 6th of
March). "They do not know even that on the 6ht of March will be the
parliamentary elections, what candidates there are, what is the right
way to vote" - mentioned the president of the Union of Young Roma from
Moldova, Mr. ALLA Marin.

The problem of Roma people was not included in any political party or
independent candidate. Last year, 2 political partieis included in their
electoral lists 2 Roma candidates that are manipulated, they are the
100th and 33rd on the list. This means they have no chance to be in the

Mr. Marin ALLA, mentioned that there were selected 15 Roma observers
that will monitor the elections in 10 Roma communties in Moldova. This
way, there will be known if Roma participate at elections and how many.
The information from the previous years denotes that there is no
statitistics about how many Roma participate at elections.

According to the Tarna Rom dates, in Moldova live over 150-250.000 Roma

Please do not hesitate to contact us for additional information at:

Phone: +373 22 208 966

Fax: +373 22 208 965