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Armenian action in Tbilisi

Peaceful procession was held in Tbilisi in March 3, 2005 with the
participation of Georgian and Armenian Youth representatives.

The action was organized by Association of Armenians -“Nor Serund” and
NCYOG (National Council of Youth Organizations of Georgia).

The Union of Armenian Youth of Georgia and Armenian Cooperation Centre
of Georgia also took part in this action. The main cause of the action
was the raised excitement around the Armenian Church Norashen.

By this procession the youth showed its unity and the fact that there is
no problem between them, in spite of the existed moot point between
Georgian and Armenian churches. The participants of the action called
the churches to enter into negotiation for solving the existed problem.
The procession was held in the district of the old Tbilisi. The youth
gathered at the Cathedral Sioni, lid candles, then the procession moved
towards the church Nor Ashen. The procession ended in the Armenian
church St.Gevorg, where the youth was met by the representatives of
Armenian Apostolic Eparchy in Georgia. Father Abgar in his speech
expressed his hope in quick solving of the problem, and blessed the
participants of the action.

Georgian mass media vividly covered this action.

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