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Who now remembers the Roma?
Brussels, 27. 1. 2005, 15:10 (Valeriu Nicolae, ERIO) - Roma Holocaust y
unknown and ignored by mass media and political elites.Accordingly, ERIO
thinks widespread Anti-Gypsyism/ Romaphobia continues to be also played
down despite numerous reports of the European and International

Monument to saviours of Jews unveiled in Prague
Prague, 27. 1. 2005, 12:43 (CTK) - A memorating those who saved Jews
from the Holocaust was unveiled at the entrance of the Pinkas Synagogue
in Prague today. Dozens of people who hid the Jews during World War Two
attended the ceremony held today on the 60th anniversary of the
liberation of the Auschwitz death camp. 

Winter in Romany settlements can be fight for survival
Letanovice, East Slovakia, 27. 1. 2005, 09:30 (CTK) - Romanies living in
settlements and shanty towns mostly in the east of Slovakia, find that
the onset of winter has plunged them into a battle for survival against
the elements.

Roma Challenges in World of Education and Media
Brussels, 26. 1. 2005, 19:00 (Press Rrom News Agency) - Yesterday, in
Brussels at the European Parliament I attended first meeting of the
European Parliament Roma Forum which was hosted and initiated by Ms.
Katalin Levai, Vice-Chairwomen of the Commitee on Legal Affairs. What
Levais initiative wants to do now is to mobilise relavant European and
national policies and funds in tackling Roma issues. 

Swedish hotel has to pay for discrimination of Roma
Stockholm, 17. 1. 2005, 7:43 (CTK) - Rejection of two Roma visitors
while entering the swimming pool has become expensive for a hotel placed
in Swedish city Eskilstuna. Even though employees still claim they are
blameless, the hotel pays 200.000 Swedish crowns (about 700.000 Czech
crowns) as compensation to the rejected pair for racial discrimination. 

Action on Roma Women's Rights in Croatia
Budapest/New York, 18. 1. 2005, 19:04 (ERRC) - The United Nations
Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW)
begins review of Croatia's compliance with the International Convention
on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women. 

NGOs may get up to 82 million crowns from EU
Brno, South Moravia, 17. 1. 2005, 17:13 (CTK) - The EU Structural Funds
will give up to 82 million crowns to non-profit organisations in the
Czech Republic for social service projects in the first stage, Jiri
Klement from the Brno regional office press department told CTK today. 

Project aimed at Romany education successfully continues
Prague, 14. 1. 2005, 19:49 (CTK) - Kreo Plus, a Czech agency
participating in an international project aimed to improve Romanies'
interest in education will turn with its hitherto experiences to the
state bodies, teachers and Romany groups, Eva Hotmarova said today,
presenting the project's results in 2004. 

Meanwhile, Roma man Petr Koncek dominates the Slovakian Pop Idol
Bratislava, 10. 1. 2005, 11:40 (ROMEA) - While yesterday started already
second volume of the Pop Idol competition in Czech; Slovaks are still
looking for their first volume star. 

Already 300 Roma people left Bystrany and went to the Great Britain to
look for a job
Bystrany (Eastern Slovakia), 9. 1. 2005, 10:50 (CTK) - In between 200 to
300 Roma citizens of the Bystrany settlement that is near to SpisskA?
Nova Ves went to the Great Britain. 

Minority funding worth of 4.8 million crowns misused - NKU
Prague, 11. 1. 2005, 18:30 (CTK) - The education ministries did not meet
all the conditions of subsidy allocation to minorities in 2002 and 2003
and non-profit NGOs drew over 4.8 million crowns from the state budget
unauthorisedly, according to a Supreme Audit Office (NKU) report. 

More state money does not decrease Romany unemployment - report
Prague, 10. 1. 2005, 19:03 (CTK) - The situation of Romanies in the
Czech Republic is gradually worsening even though the state is handing
out more and more money to improve their employment and housing, says a
report that the government will discuss on Wednesday.


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