MINELRES: Russia: Digest on Xenophobia and Ethnic Extremism

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Tue Jun 14 22:57:22 2005

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Moscow Bureau for Human Rights
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Director of Moscow Bureau for Human Rights 
Alexander Brod

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Representatives of the Moscow Bureau for Human Rights, invited as
experts to the OSCE conference on problems of Anti-Semitism and other
forms of intolerance (to be held on June 8-9 in Spain), are going to
raise the issue of strengthening of xenophobia in the Russian Society.

A presentation of politologist Vladimir Ilushenko's book  "Xenophobia.
Nationalism. Fascism. The faces of Russian Neo-Nazism", published by
MBHR, took place on June 1 in Independent Press-Center in Moscow.


A video recording of the Neo-Nazi demonstration on May 29, 2005, on
Pushkinskaya square in Moscow was viewed. The leaders of the
demonstration were publisher of anti-Semitic literature V. Korchagin and
the head of National people's party of Russia, skinheads patron A.
Ivanov-Sukharevskiy. This demonstration was officially sanctioned by the
prefecture of Central okrug of Moscow.


The president of Russian section of International Society for Human
Rights V. Novitskiy stated on the presentation, that an inquiry will be
sent to the mayor of Moscow Yu. Luzhkov to find out, who had given a
sanction for the conducting of the demonstration and why the police was
inactive. After viewing of the video RF Commissioner for human rights V.
Lukin gave a promise to take this case under his personal supervision. 


A document named "NON-ARIAN: a list of fascist-zionistic organizations,
conducting anti-Russian sabotage on jewish money on the territory of
Russia!" was published on the internet-site of right-radical
organization  "Slavonic Union", headed by D. Dyomushkin. Among these
organizations are the Moscow Bureau for Human Rights, the Anti-Fascistic
Youth Action, the Institute of Human Rights, the Moscow Helsinki Group,
the Anti-Defamation League, Human Rights Watch. It's an alarming signal
that such lists are being composed in regions, too. For example, in Komi
republic a list of scientists and human rights defenders was published
on one of the sites. The unknown journalist accused them of "espionage
in favor of USA and European Union".


Anti-Semitic inscriptions, slogans and swastika appeared on June 3,
2005, on the gates of Jewish community and synagogue of Vladimir. The
community flied applications at the appropriate police forces and the
office of public prosecutor. The local press was informed too. MBHR sent
an address to the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs R. Nurgaliyev
and the General prosecutor of the Russian Federation V. Ustinov
demanding that the State authorities take the situation in Vladimir
under their special supervision.  Human rights defenders are planning to
conduct an anti-fascistic festival in

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