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ECMI Report #54 

Decker, D. Christopher and Aidan McGarry. The Romanian Draft Law on the
status of National Minorities: Issues of Definition, NGO Status and
Cultural Autonomy. ECMI Roundtable for National Minority MPs and the
Council of National Minorities. Sinaia, Romania, 17-19 March 2005. May
2005, 42 pp., appendix.

ECMI gratefully acknowledges the generous support of the "Enhancing
Minority Governance in Romania" programme by the Global Conflict
Prevention Fund of the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

The European Centre for Minority Issues and the Department of
Inter-Ethnic Relations (DRI) organized the second event of the
"Improving Inter-ethnic Relations through Enhanced Minority Governance"
project on 17-19 March 2005 in Sinaia, Romania. The head and both deputy
heads of the DRI attended the roundtable along with national minority
members of the Romanian Parliament and representatives of the national
minority organizations represented on the Council of National
Minorities. There were two fundamental purposes for the meeting. One was
to provide the group with background information on the three major
issues that will feature in the draft law on the status of national
minorities, namely: defining a national minority; the status of national
minority organizations under Romanian law; and cultural autonomy. The
second purpose was to facilitate dialogue between the national
minorities and the government concerning these main issues to be
addressed in the draft law, so as to allow the government to hear the
concerns and wishes of the national minority groups. It was noted that
this was the first time that national minorities have been able to have
a forum to discuss a draft law before it was presented to parliament.
This report seeks to provide an account of the presentations and
discussions that took place during this meeting, including some of the
theories and practicalities of differing forms of definition, laws
concerning NGOs and political parties, and models of cultural autonomy
used in European states.

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