MINELRES: Human rights in Lithuania in 2004

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Dear Colleagues and Friends,

Human Rights Monitoring Institute (HRMI) has issued human rights
overview in Lithuania in 2004. The overview covers the right to
political participation, right to respect for private life, right to
fair trial, human rights in police activities, and discrimination,
racism, anti-semitism and other forms of intolerance. The most
vulnerable groups - children, women, patients, the disabled, the
elderly, crime victims and prisoners - are considered individually. 

The oveview concludes that joining European Union in 2004 did not bring
improvements in the protection of human rights. On the contrary, the
year 2004 brought forth a number of new challenges and serious
violations. The greatest concerns relate to the apparent misuse of
personal data collected from electronic surveillance, violations of the
presumption of innocence and of the right to free and fair elections,
including vote purchasing. Children continued to count among the most
vulnerable social groups. Another vulnerable group, Roma, experienced
clear violations of a number of human rights. Anti-semitic and
homophobic attacks in the mass media failed to elicit appropriate
repercussion from law enforcement agencies.   

The overview can be found at http://www.hrmi.lt/en/.

With regards,

Henrikas Mickevicius
Executive Director

Human Rights Monitoring Institute
Didzioji 5
01128 Vilnius, Lithuania
Tel. +370 523 14675
Fax +370523 14679

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