MINELRES: EC: 2007 to be 'European Year of Equal Opportunities for All'

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Sun Jun 5 18:00:56 2005

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For Diversity - Against Discrimination 
2 June 2005
2007 to be 'European Year of Equal Opportunities for All'  
The European Commission has designated 2007 as 'European Year of Equal
Opportunities for All' as part of a concerted effort to promote equality
and non-discrimination in the EU. The European Year is the centrepiece
of a framework strategy designed to ensure that discrimination is
effectively tackled, diversity is celebrated and equal opportunities for
all are promoted. The strategy is set out in a Communication adopted by
the European Commission today.

The four core themes of the European Year proposed by the Commission

Rights  raising awareness of the right to equality and
Representation  stimulating a debate on ways to increase the
participation of under-represented groups in society;
Recognition  celebrating and accommodating diversity;
Respect and tolerance  promoting a more cohesive society.

The Year's proposed budget of Eur 13.6 million will cover preparatory
actions in 2006 as well as the various activities taking place during
the European Year itself in 2007.

In addition to the European Year, new initiatives announced by the
Communication include:

- A feasibility study to look at possible new measures to complement
existing EC anti-discrimination legislation; 
- The creation of a high-level advisory group to look at the social and
labour market integration of minorities, including the Roma.


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