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New Publication: 

The European Centre for Minority Issues (ECMI) is proud to introduce its
most recent publication: 

"Ombudsman Institutions and Minority Issues - A Guide to Good Practice",
ed. by Marnie Lloydd. Contributors: Robert Dunbar, Dzenana
Hadziomerovic, Kristin Henrard, Andrea Krizsan, Birgitte Kofod Olsen and
Alan Phillips.  Flensburg: European Centre for Minority Issues, 2005, 91

ECMI gives special thanks to the generous financial support of the
German Federal Ministry of the Interior, which made the publication of
this Guide possible.

Available in English and in Russian here:
The Guide has been developed as part of ECMI's ongoing project "Network
of Ombudsman Institutions Addressing Minority Issues in Europe".
Supported by a team of experts in the field, who are the authors of this
Guide, ECMI has for the past 2 years managed a network of ombudsman
institutions in the wider Europe: supporting them in their work with
minority issues; encouraging the establishment of specialized structures
for minority issues within those institutions; and facilitating the
exchange of information through training workshops, conferences and
online resources. The Guide to Good Practice is our latest endeavour
toward our project goals. 

The Guide is structured into three main parts: 

1. Mandate, Powers and Functions; 

2. Establishment and Foundational Criteria; and 

3. Operations and Organization. 

Each part consists of a number of key points or statements, followed by
discussions and analyses, which provide alternatives or discuss suitable
solutions reached in practice by institutions. This Guide does not
attempt to provide set answers or even 'best' practice but, rather, it
represents examples of good practice and experience from various

Part IV of the Guide contains essential resources, including literature,
websites and legal documents. 

ECMI is convinced of the potential for ombudsman institutions to protect
minority interests in a democratic state. It is hoped that the Guide can
spark discussion and consideration for those states or regions
considering such an institution and provide a training and development
tool for extant institutions wishing to strengthen their capacities in
the area of minority issues. 

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