MINELRES: MBHR Digest: Xenophobia and ethnic extremism in Russia

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Director of Moscow Bureau for Human Rights 
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Xenophobia and ethnic extremism 

May 26 Director of Moscow Bureau for Human Rights Mr. Alexander Brod had
meeting with Mr. Alvaro Hil-Robles, Council of Europe Commissioner on
human rights. The main theme of the meeting was discussion of the report
of Mr. Alvaro Hil-Robles about the observance of the human rights in RF.

The Moscow bureau for human rights have sent an address to RF general
prosecutor V. Ustinov with demand to conduct an examination considering
the author, publishers and distributors of Valeriy Luzgin’s book
“Zionism as a source of fascism” (published by Kazan University in
2004). An answer from a prosecutor’s office of Tatarstan republic was
received, and it looked rather like a ecstatic review. According to this
letter, “it is customary for a scientific literature to consider Zionism
to be a specific form of Jewish fascism”. MBHR will insist on the
recurring examination of the address and unbiased expertise of the book.

26 Jewish graves of Arskoye cemetery were defiled last Wednesday in
Kazan. Unknown drew swastika on the headstones. A legal proceedings were
instituted under art. 244 CC RF – “Outrage upon  the bodies of departed
and their burial places”. Investigation of this incident was taken over
his personal control by Fayaz Shabayev, head of  the city’s Internal
affairs department. The deputies of Municipal council have adopted an
address to Kazan citizens, where they called this act of vandalism “a
big moral trauma for all the citizens”.

The society is waiting for the results of the recurrent hearing of the
neo-Nazi publisher V.Korchagin case. There were already several hearings
conducted. According to the state prosecutor, speeches of Korchagin’s
backing have "frankly malicious, fascistic, extremist character".
Appeals for departure of Russian citizens on the basis of nationality,
offences towards Christians, statements calling president V.V. Putin an
agent of "world’s Jewish government" are openly expressed in the court’s
room. Judgó L.G. Ryzhikova, noticed for her friendly relation to the
accused and declining of state prosecutor’s protests, have publicly
informed of her resignation. 

In view of the energy crisis on 25.05.05 the MBHR finds it absolutely
necessary to admit the fact of a catastrophe, therefore to create
immediately a state-community commission on preventing of technogen
catastrophes. This commission is supposed to develop promptly a system
of investing for replacement of vital and dangerous plants’ capital
assets irrespective of patterns of ownership, approve the system in
extra order on the legal level. Plant’s profit, including the one
planned for distribution among actions holders, and stabilization fund
could be used for that purpose. At the same time, it is necessary to
evaluate the activity of the high state officials, who didn’t foresee
the possibility of such catastrophes or have any plans of preventing
them (not liquidation of consequences). 
The Moscow bureau for human rights and the Russian section of
International society for human rights are ready to provide all victims
of the catastrophe – natural and juridical persons – with legal help on
preparation of suits to the

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