MINELRES: Student injured in incident in Akhalkalaki; Armenian monuments threatened in Georgia, Russia

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Student injured in incident in Akhalkalaki
Ethnic Armenians, local residents of Akhalkalaki, have devastated a
building of the Georgian secondary school. It is reported that the
attackers broke down windows and the school furniture. Before this
incident, another incident occurred between the local residents and a
group of students of the Tbilisi State University, who carried out
repairing works the Georgian church in the village of Samsa. Because of
the incident one of students was injured and he was taken to Tbilisi. 

Armenian monuments threatened in Georgia, Russia 
ARMENPRESS: Residents of an an-Armenian populated Akhalkalaki in
southern Georgia rampaged a local Georgian school and attacked Georgian
students from the local branch of Tbilisi State University on Sunday
after learning that students "had cleaned up a territory around and
inside a church in a remote Samsa village."Armenians say what Georgians
call "cleaning up" is a systematic drive to appropriate Armenian
cultural monuments in the southern Georgia by erasing Armenian-language
inscriptions and other signs, testifying to their being Armenian. A
local source was quoted by Regnum news agency as saying that Armenians
were offended deeply by the news and rose to defend the church from
being seized by Georgians. Local police has started an investigation
under a penal code article on 'religious intolerance." In a related
development a monument in a southern Russian town of Budenovsk erected
in commemoration of its Armenian founders was desecrated for the second
time in less than six weeks. Yerkramas weekly, published by the local
Armenian community, reported the monument had been first vandalized in
2005 February. The newspaper says lampposts circling the monument, the
lanterns and a cross-stone were damaged this time and a dead cat was put
under its arch.


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