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We include a brief summary of the latest articles published on Eurolang.

Poland: Silesian city says 'yes' then 'no' to bilingual signs
Biel- Bienne, 21/07/2005 von Peter Josika 

Mr Jan Osuchowski, the Lord Mayor of Racib&oacute;rz/Ratibor in the Polish 
wojwod (province) of Upper Silesia, has rejected plans to erect bilingual 
Polish - German signs previously promised by his Deputy, Mr Miros&#322;aw 

An Daingean or Dingle?
Baile Atha Cliath, 20/07/2005 von Eoghan O Neill 

The ongoing controversy as to the appropriate name for a county Kerry 
seaside town took a dramatic new twist this week when the Kerry County 
Council decided to organise a plebiscite on the issue.

New report strongly in favour of Agency for Linguistic Diversity and Language 
Brussel - Bruxelles, 19/07/2005 von Davyth Hicks 

A new Report published last week has come out strongly in favour of 
establishing an autonomous Agency for Linguistic Diversity and Language 
Learning. The feasibility study follows the almost unanimous backing from the 
European Parliament in 2003 for an Agency following an initiative made by EBLUL.

Welsh television channel is positive about the future
Penygroes, 19/07/2005 von Dafydd Meirion 

The Welsh language television channel S4C has seen its audience increase for 
the first time in many years. This upturn in viewing figures and a &pound;34.4 
million profit from a commercial investment are among the highlights of the 
channel's 2004 Annual Report.[cy] 

New Czech Prime Minister seeks humanitarian gesture for "Sudeten German anti-
Biel / Bienne, 12/07/2005 von Peter Josika 

The recently elected Czech Prime Minister Ji&#345;&iacute; Paroubek of the 
Social Democratic Party (&#268;SSD) announced plans for a humanitarian gesture 
towards "Sudeten German anti-fascists" yesterday. 

A bilingual Wales is a step closer, says Welsh minister
Penygroes, 08/07/2005 von Dafydd Meirion 

It has been "another great year for the Welsh language" according to Alun Pugh, 
the Welsh Assembly's Minister for the Welsh Language in a recently published 
report. He adds that "it shows that we have continued to make good progress in 
reaching our goal of a truly bilingual Wales." However, campaign groups say 
that while progress has been made, there has been a sharp decline in the 
language's heartlands.[cy] 

Language Intergroup leader, Csaba Tabajdi, speaks out on behalf of Vojvodina 
Brussel / Bruxelles, 05/07/2005 von Davyth Hicks 

Two weeks ago, Mr. Csaba Tabajdi, head of the regional language and national 
minority Intergroup and leader of the Hungarian socialists in the European 
Parliament requested the concerned bodies of the European Parliament to put the 
current situation of the Hungarian minorities in Vojvodina on the agenda.  

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