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For Diversity - Against Discrimination
7 July 2005

Equality and non-discrimination - Annual Report 2005

The 2005 Annual Report on Equality and Discrimination is now available
for download in English, French and German (with all other languages to
follow).  Published by the anti-discrimination Unit of the European
Commission, the 36-page report looks at the progress which has been made
over the last year in anti-discrimination legislation and policy both at
EU and Member State level.

Part one of the report looks at where Member States are at in
implementing the two anti-discrimination Directives. It also presents a
users guide to the Directives looking at the different forms of
discrimination covered, where exceptions are allowed and what the
Commission can do if a Member States fails to properly implement the

Part two looks at the situation of the Roma - now the largest ethnic
minority in the EU. It looks at some of the actions supported by the EU
to tackle the widespread exclusion and discrimination Roma communities
face throughout Europe.


Equal Rights in Practice: Key Voices 2005

The Commission has also recently published a brochure focusing on the
theme of 'Access to Justice'.  It includes articles from different
actors involved in the practical application of the Article 13
Directives, including practicing lawyers, NGO activists, representatives
from national equality bodies and trade unions. 

The brochure provides practical examples of how the Directives are being
applied in practice, from raising awareness among those groups subject
to discrimination, to selecting and supporting legal cases.

The brochure is available in all 20 official EU languages on:

Printed copies are available in EN, FR, DE, PT, ES, IT, CZ, HU, PO, SV

New call for tender

The Commission recently launched a call for tender to support a study on
how Community policies take account of the principle of
non-discrimination. The study will examine a selected number of relevant
policy fields and evaluate the extent to which they respect the
principles of equal treatment as defined in the Employment Equality and
Race Equality Directives.  On the basis of this evaluation, it will come
up with practical recommendations on how the Commission services can
best respect and promote non-discrimination when devising and
implementing all future relevant Community policies.
The deadline for submission of tenders is 19th August 2005.


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