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The Fate of Ethnic Democracy in Post-Communist Europe
eds. Sammy Smooha and Priit Jarve
ECMI-LGI Series on Ethnopolitics and Minority Issues, Vol. III
Budapest 2005

ISBN 963-9419-74-9

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The Fate of Ethnic Democracy in Post-Communist Europe

The break-up of the Soviet Union, Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia has unleashed 
two grand forces: a drive for democratization on Western lines and the 
resurgence of ethnonational conflicts. It is anticipated that these post-
Communist states may develop a new regime that combines institutionalized 
dominance of an ethnic majority with democratic rights for all. This mixed, non-
Western type of system is amenable for analysis by Sammy Smooha's model of 
ethnic democracy, based on Israel.

In this volume, the model is applied by country specialists to Estonia, Latvia, 
Georgia, Macedonia, Serbia, Kosovo and Bosnia-Herzegovina. From these seven 
case studies, Smooha draws comparisons and conclusions about the model and 
regimes in post-Communist Europe.




The Model of Ethnic Democracy

Re-Independent Estonia

Ethnic Democracy in Latvia

Georgia's Ethnic Democracy: Source of Instability

>From Ethnic Privileging to Power-Sharing: Ethnic Dominance and Democracy in 

Serbia in the 1990s: The Case of an Ethnic Semi-Democracy

A Model in the Making: The Case of Kosovo

Ethnic Democracy in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Containing the Spectre?



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