MINELRES: ERIO: Social exclusion and Lisbon Strategy

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Fri Jan 21 07:59:32 2005

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Lisbon Strategy  Failures in the case of European Roma 

Recent seminars and reports of the European Commission, European
Monitoring Bodies (EUMC, ECRI) as well as the Kok report are the base of
the short analyze of the Lisbon Strategy and its overall failure to curb
the exclusion of Roma. 

Worrying issues, as the fact that the overall funding focused on
employment for over 6.000.000 Roma in 5 countries was 85 times less than
the funding for a single project addressing the employment situation of
young people (under 25) in one European country during less time, as
well as the extremely limited funding available in areas of major
importance for reaching the Lisbon targets when it comes to Roma are
part of the paper.

Please see the www.erionet.org/Lisbon.htm for more details.

A presentation on the Lisbon Strategy and its priorities from the point
of view of Roma will take place in the European Parliament on 25th of

For more info please contact office@erionet.org