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Dear colleagues and friends,

On January 13, 2005 Romani Baht Foundation – Sofia will officially
announce the winners of the organization’s annual awards for integral
contribution in the field of Human Rights in Bulgaria.

This year award is dedicated to the Roma Decade of Inclusion, which will
officially start on February 2 2005 in Sofia. The award is announced for
the Roma New Year eve. Romani Baht’s Human Rights Award was established
and delivered for a first time in 2001. The award is a statue depicting
"An Angel who pleads guilty" and is annually delivered to a person who
has the majority of the votes among the nominees. The nominations are
proposed by experts of the international Human Rights movement, Roma
non-governmental organizations, the Board of Directors and the Team of
the Romani Baht Foundation.  
In 2001 the first winners awarded with the “Angel who pleads guilty”
were Mr. Krasimir Kanev – the Chair person of the Bulgarian Helsinki
Committee for Human Rights and the European Roma Rights Center –
Budapest. The winners have been nominated for their constant efforts and
strenuous work in the fight against the ethnic discrimination in Europe
and the overcoming of the negative stereotypes and prejudice against the
Roma minority in Bulgaria. Krasimir dedicated and dedicates a great deal
of his own and the leaded by him organization potential in the favor of
the Roma Cause. 
The European Roma Rights Center was established and earned its
international prestige defending the Roma minority across Europe using
the tools of the international law, promoting the Roma Cause and working
to raise the standards of the Human rights protection.  
In 2002 and 2003 the Romani Baht Human Rights Award has been given to
Ms. Eleonora Mileva – Manager of Raiffeisen Bank in Bulgaria and Mr.
Donald Kenrick – a person who dedicated his academic achievements to the
Roma community. 2004 was in many respects symbolic for the development
of the Roma movement. In 2004 the idea for launching the Roma Inclusion
Decade has been born – an initiative, which will unite the efforts of
the European governments for establishment of policies orientated to
integrate the Roma community and to overcome the discriminatory
In 2004 the Bulgarian Human Rights Movement celebrated many victories,
the most important of which was the passing of the Protection Against
Discrimination Act. This year award winners worked hard and with all
their hearts for the Cause – Ms. Deborah Harding – as a Chair person for
the Roma programs of the OSI New York and Ms. Ivana Ivanova – as OSI
Sofia Chair person for the Legal Program. 
The Human Rights Movement and the Roma movement in Bulgaria to great
extend owe their creation and development 
to Deborah. It is a honor and a pleasure for the Romani Baht Foundation
to present "An Angel who pleads guilty" to the extraordinary person and
to wish everyone who will work on this field to have her heart and
strength working for the Roma Cause. 
Ivana dedicated efforts and time to the Roma movement in Bulgaria – as a
friend – defending the ideas of the Roma minority in a way as they are
seen by the people and giving opportunities for implementation of these
ideas. The awards will be announced officially on January 13 2005 at
11.00 h. on a special press-conference in BTA press center. The awards
will be given on an official ceremony on January 28 in Sofia. For the
two events the Romani Baht invite all colleagues, friends and media

Romani Baht Team.