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1 February 2005

Measuring the extent of discrimination: new studies on use of data
A comparative study on measuring the extent and impact of discrimination
has been published by the European Commission. The study presents the
systems for statistical data collection developed in the framework of
anti-discrimination schemes in the United States, Canada, Australia,
Great Britain and the Netherlands. 

It examines the national contexts of the different systems before
looking at the role of statistics and monitoring in the five
anti-discrimination schemes. Finally, it compares the methods for
producing statistics to measure discrimination based on ethnic and
racial origin, religion, disability and sexual orientation.

One objective was to examine how the new concept of indirect
discrimination influences the measurement of discrimination. Its
definition carries within it the requirement of some quantitative
benchmark by which to make a comparison. The study supported the view
that no measurement of discrimination can be properly made without the
development of classifications for the collection of appropriate data. 

The study is available in English, French and German. 

With the support of the Community, the Finnish authorities conducted a
similar study covering the EU-15 countries. 

Both studies were officially presented at the occasion of a joint
initiative of the Finnish Ministry of Labour and the European Commission
held on 9/10 December in Helsinki.

Helsinki conference papers online

Presentations and papers from a recent conference on ‘Data to promote
Equality’ are now available online. 
The purpose of the conference was to explore the use of data as a tool
for observing and measuring the implementation and effectiveness of
non-discrimination legislation and policies.


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