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Thu Dec 29 10:39:50 2005

Original sender: Roma Network <romale@zahav.net.il>

From: Peter Thelen <P.Thelen@gmx.net>
Dear colleagues,
this November the book on political participation of Roma has been
prepared for publication. This book focuses on a new policy framework
and is being published with the intention of encouraging a greater
understanding for the right of the Roma to participate to a greater
extent than in the past in the decision-making processes affecting them
as well as in realizing the programs based on these decisions and
controlling them. In other words, the book addresses a policy for the
Roma, meaning one that is legitimated with and by the Roma, one that is
formulated and put into practice by them, one that is devised in light
of the political actors involved and rooted in those who represent them. 
For your information the content and the foreword of a publication in
English and German languages sent to you in the attachments. The book
will be distibuted free of charge to interested individuals. Preference
is given to people active in Roma and political non-Roma organisations. 
Interested to receive a free copy should send the request by e-mail to
p.thelen@gmx.net and include the following information in the message:
- Full name
- Title of organisation
- Function in this organisation
- Profession 
- Postal address
Mr. Peter Thelen
Friedrich Ebert Foundation 
Bonner Haus
Godesberger Allee 149 
53170 Bonn 

Phone ++49(0)228/883-666 
Fax ++49(0)228/883-396 




Roma Policy: The Long Walk Towards Political Participation
Peter Thelen

Without a Voice
Gunter Grass

A Standard Rromany Language - A pre-condition and basis for a national
and cultural identity for the Rroma
Rajko Djuric

Who is afraid of the Rromani language? 
Marcel Courthiade

Roma and EU-Accession: Elected and appointed Romani Representatives in
an Enlarged Europe
Andrzej Mirga

Roma Rights and Anti-Discrimination Law
Claude Cahn

The Hungarian Participation Model and Its Implementation for the Roma  
Jeno Kaltennbach, Laszlo Forika

Roma's self-government in Shuto Orizari
Sevdija Demirova-Abdulova

The difficult process of building a strong political Roma party in
Serbia and Montenegro 
Osman Balic


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