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For Diversity - Against Discrimination 

Improving the measurement of discrimination  
"Common Measures for Discrimination"  a two-year project funded under
the Community Action Programme to combat discrimination  has issued a
new report on improving the measurement of discrimination by linking
different sources of data together. 

The project aims to develop recommendations on how to measure ethnic
discrimination in a way that is representative, comparable and allows
for the description of trends. 

The 100-page report presents a general overview of how multiple data
sources can be combined to deliver a clear and accurate picture of

More information about the project

Training workshops on litigation strategies

A new series of training sessions on using the provisions of the Race
Equality Directive at national level is being organised by the EU-funded
SOLID project. 

Aimed at NGOs, the sessions will train participants not only in legal
standards and use of litigation, but also in the development of
longer-term strategies  on litigation and support for victims of

The sessions form part of a training programme in strategic litigation
developed by the transnational SOLID project  supported by the
Community Action Programme to combat discrimination.

Details and how to apply

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