MINELRES: CfA: Public Interest Law and Strategic Litigation Training, 3 February 2006, Kumanovo, Macedonia

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Public Interest Law and Strategic Litigation Training

Call for Applications

The European Roma Right Centre (ERRC), the Roma Community Center DROM
and the Croatian Law Centre invite applications to participate in
training on “Public Interest Law and Strategic Litigation”, organized
within the CARDS Regional Programme of the European Commission, to be
held on 3 February 2006 in Kumanovo, Macedonia. 

The training is intended to develop the participants' understanding of
public interest law and introduce skills essential for strategic
litigation. Strategic litigation is based upon the concept of public
interest law, which is a conscious attempt to use litigation as a tool
for achieving social change. While one of the foci is assisting
individual victims to obtain redress, a major factor in the selection of
cases to be filed is the expected strategic impact that a case is likely
to have in terms of drawing public attention to an issue, creating
favourable precedents in domestic and/or international fora and even
triggering legislative reform.  

The European Roma Rights Centre is an international public interest law
organisation engaging in a range of activities aimed at combating
anti-Romani racism and human rights abuse of Roma. The approach of the
ERRC involves, in particular, strategic litigation, international
advocacy, research and policy development, and human rights training of
Romani activists. The Roma Community Center "DROM" is a professional
non-governmental organization, which represents and stimulates the
active participation and integration of Romani people on the principles
of the modern multiethnic European society. Its activities focus on
human rights, lobbying, education and employment. The Croatian Law
Centre (CLC) is a non-governmental not-profit organization founded in
1994 with the main goal to establish and promote rule of law in Croatia.
CLC has focused its activities on four main areas: protection of human
rights, judiciary, public administration and education. 

We welcome applications from lawyers from Croatia and Macedonia
interested in human rights and litigation for the public interest.
People of Romani ethnic origin are strongly encouraged to apply.
Participation is free of charge. Meals, transportation and accommodation
will be provided by the organizers. The language of the training will be

Applications with CV and a short letter of interest should be sent by 10
January 2006 via ordinary mail or e-mail to:

Roma Community Center DROM 
Attn: Sebihana Skenderovska
Done Bozinov 11/ 5, 1300- Kumanovo
Tel/Fax: +389-31-427-558

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