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For Diversity - Against Discrimination 

Training manuals on non-discrimination now available   
Training seminars on European and national anti-discrimination law and
policy have taken place throughout the 10 new Member States and in
Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey during 2005.  The training manual is now
available for download [at
and may be useful for individuals and organisations active in the fight
against discrimination throughout the EU. Specific country versions
prepared by the contractor together with the national NGO partners, are
also available. 

The training was supported by the Community Action Programme to combat
discrimination as part of the project ‘Capacity Building of Civil
Society dealing with Anti-Discrimination’. The contents of the national
training manuals do not necessarily reflect the opinion or position of
the European Commission, Directorate-General for Employment, Social
Affairs and Equal Opportunities. A hard-copy version of the manual in
all EU languages will be available in spring 2006. 

2006 Annual Work Plan online 

The 2006 work programme
for the Community Action Programme to combat discrimination is now
available. Most initiatives are a continuation of those launched in
previous years, but there will be several new measures that take account
of recent policy developments: the new framework strategy on
non-discrimination and equal opportunities; and the declaration of 2007
as the European Year of Equal Opportunities for all.

One of the new measures proposed is to extend the training for NGOs and
social partners to all 25 EU Member States plus Bulgaria, Romania and
Turkey. The call for tenders is expected to be published in February

An annual budget of up to Eur 18.77 million is foreseen to fund
activities across the EU25.  With the participation of EEA countries
(Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstien) this may be increased by around
2.16% - up to Eur 19.176 million.

The EU journalist award 2005 – deadline for applicants 31 December 

The ‘For Diversity. Against Discrimination.’ Journalist Award 2005
honours journalists who contribute to a better public understanding of
the benefits of diversity and the fight against discrimination in
employment. For the first time, the 2005 Journalist Award includes two
award categories: print and online journalism and photo journalism.

The Award is open to all print and online journalists as well as photo
journalists and photographers throughout the 25 EU Member States.
Entries must have been published in print or online media between 1
January and 31 December 2005. 

For more details on how to enter, visit the Stop Discrimination website

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