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Trier, Tom and Eleonora Sambasile. 'Towards Ratification'. Conference on the 
Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities. Report on the 
International Conference, 19 September 2005 in Tbilisi. ECMI Report #57. 
Flensburg: European Centre for Minority Issues, December 2005.

Anticipating the ratification of the Council of Europe Framework Convention for 
the Protection of National Minorities (FCNM), and to assist in overcoming 
concerns and support the Parliament and Government efforts to ratify and 
implement the convention, ECMI in September organized a series of seminars and 
workshops involving representatives from the executive and legislative bodies 
engaged in the process of ratification. These meetings were designed to bring 
the FCNM high on the political agenda and generally enhance awareness of 
minority rights protection, but also to identify some of the practical 
obstacles that could arise during the early implementation phase. On 19 
September 2005 ECMI organized a major conference on the Convention. The 
conference was attended by 140 participants, and served to bring public 
attention to the process of ratification and to the Convention as such. By the 
time of the conference, Georgia remained one of the few Member States of the 
Council of Europe that yet had to ratify the FCNM. Ratification would mark a 
milestone in the country's declared commitment towards protecting the rights of 
all its citizens. This report includes a contribution by Mr. Alan Phillips, one 
of Europe's leading experts on the Framework Convention.

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