MINELRES: Upcoming: OSI-CRCR monitoring report on Romania's Roma Strategy

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Tue Sep 21 17:02:27 2004

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On Monday 27 September 2004, in Bucharest, the report Monitoring of the
local implementation of the Government Strategy for the Improvement of
the Condition of Roma in Romania will be presented to the public.

The report is a joint project of: The Resource Center for Roma
Communities (Cluj), the EU Monitoring and Advocacy Program (OSI) and the
Roma Participation Program (OSI). The report is a follow up to the 2002
EUMAP report Monitoring EU Accession Process: Minority Protection in

At the Bucharest launch, Florin Moisa (RCRC Cluj), Katy Negrin
(EUMAP-OSI) and Iulius Rostas (RPP-OSI) will present the results of this
first local monitoring project carried out by teams of Roma activists in
five counties (Cluj, Iasi, Timis, Dolj, Braila). Marcel Costache
(Eurodrom Craiova, local monitor in Dolj County) will present the local
monitoring process as seen by a young Roma activist.

The presenters will evaluate the state of implementation at the local
level of the Government's Strategy for Roma, taking into consideration
the international context. They will also outline the report's
recommendations to the Government, local authorities, Roma
organisations, international organisations and international donors.

Representatives of public bodies, civil society organisations actively
engaged in minority issues, and the media, will take part in the debate.

Following the launch, the report will be discussed at further meetings,
both in the five counties monitored, and internationally, with
representatives of international organisations and European

Copies of the report, in both Romanian and English, will be available on
the day of the launch. On the same day, the report will also be
available in both languages online at www.eumap.org and

Upon request, advance copies of the report can be sent to media
representatives by e-mail. Please address your requests to Florin Moisa,
at e-mail info@romacenter.osf.ro or (in English) to Miriam Anati at
e-mail manati@osieurope.org. Please contact the same e-mails for more
information on the launch event.

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