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Eumap.org is pleased to announce an upcoming new online project: Book

Eumap.org, the official website of the OSI's EU Monitoring and Advocacy
Programme, is dedicated to providing quality information and encouraging
public debate on various issues related to human rights and the rule of
law in Europe.

Since its inception, Eumap.org has published Featured Articles Online,
either commissioned or solicited thorough regular (bimonthly) calls for
papers. Last year, a public Forum was launched, open to academics,
decision-makers, NGO activists and others who wish to publicise events
and exchange information about their activities and experiences.

This year, Eumap.org will expand its Online Journal by including a
section on Book Reviews. This new feature will provide up-to-date
information and concise critique on relevant new books on any topic
related to human rights and the rule of law in Europe, and further
contribute to public debate on the issues.


Have read a good book recently? Please send us your book review!
Voluntary (unpaid) contributions are welcome on a continuous basis. 

The Program reserves the right to select which book reviews to publish.
However, the scope is fairly broad: anything that has to do with human
rights in Europe is welcome!

A single book review should not exceed 400 words, although it may be
possible to make larger comparative reviews critiquing more than
publication. All book reviews must be in English, although authors are
welcome to critique books published in languages other than English.

Tentative format

The below guidelines are for general information only. What counts
ultimately is concise and sharp analysis that would make us want (or
not!) to read the book.

The book review should contain, as an introduction, a brief discussion
of the topic in general, placing the book in context. Then the book's
purpose, and new knowledge or perspectives on the topic it brings,
should be touched upon, followed by a more detailed critique of the
book's thesis, and whether it offers any original information or
analysis on the subject. How does the book compare with other
books/materials, if any, available on the topic?

The writing quality, language and style could also be assessed:
objective or advocating a position? Does the author address the topic
superficially or in depth? Is the writing lucid or convoluted? Would you
qualify this reading as provocative or traditional/conservative, and

The review should end with a personal impression: how did the book
affect your perception on the subject: transformed, strengthened or left
unchanged? Would you change anything (and what) if you wrote/edited the
book? To which specific reading audience would you recommend this book?
(How would you rate the book on a scale 1 to 5?)


Book reviews should be sent, with "book review" in the subject line to
the following address: submissions@eumap.org . Contact person: Alphia

Eumap.org editorial policy and an archive of featured articles are
available online at: <http://www.eumap.org/articles>

Eumap.org is an online centre for comprehensive resources, news, and
analyses, committed to delivering information on, and generating debate
about, human rights and the rule of law in Europe. EUMAP.ORG is the
website of the Open Society Institute's EU Monitoring and Advocacy
Program (EUMAP). To find out more about the Program click here:
EUMAP has published reports on: 
 - Minority Protection (in the five largest EU members and ten candidate
 - Corruption and Anti Corruption Policy 
 - Judicial Independence and Capacity 
 - Equal Opportunities for Men and Women (in cooperation with OSI's
Network Women's Program/NWP) 
 EUMAP reports are available here: <http://www.eumap.org/reports>. 
 Currently EUMAP has started the following new monitoring projects: 
 - Access to Education and Employment for People with Intellectual
Disabilities (in cooperation with OSI's Mental Disability Advocacy
 - Broadcasting Regulation and Media Independence (in cooperation with
OSI's Network Media Program/NMP) 
 - Minority Protection (a series of four policy papers on the situation
of Muslims in the UK: on Education, Equality and Discrimination, Access
to Justice, and Employment)
 To contact EUMAP or receive further information on our activities,
please send us an email at eumap@osi.hu