MINELRES: 'For Diversity. Against Discrimination' truck tour to help the drive against discrimination in the EU

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'For Diversity. Against Discrimination' truck tour to help the drive
against discrimination in the EU

An information truck hits the road tomorrow 1 September, beginning a
tour of 10 EU countries to raise awareness of anti-discrimination
issues. Part of the European Commission's wider “For Diversity. Against
Discrimination” campaign designed to inform citizens of their rights
under new EU anti-discrimination legislation, the truck tour will help
the European Union's drive to combat discrimination and promote
diversity. Odile Quintin, Employment and Social Affairs Director General
at the European Commission and the Belgian Minister for Equality,
Christian Dupont will start the truck off on its journey to visit 19
cities in 10 EU countries over a three month period

The touring truck will visit ten EU Member States between September and
November this year – Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Latvia,
Denmark, United Kingdom, Ireland, France and Italy. In each country,
national personalities, ranging from singers to politicians, will greet
the truck. In Slovakia, Ibrahim Maiga, an actor, singer and musician,
will be on hand while in Poland, Marek Kaminski, who reached both North
and South Poles in the same year, will attend. 

“The truck tour offers a practical opportunity to make people aware of
their rights and obligations regarding discrimination at the workplace,”
Ms Quintin said. “Surveys show that many EU citizens believe that a
person's ethnic origin, religion or belief, disability, age or sexual
orientation could be a disadvantage when job searching. The tour enables
us, with the support of a varied programme, to portray diversity as a
positive alternative to discrimination.”

Visitors to the truck can find out about the benefits of a
discrimination-free working environment and how to protect themselves
against workplace discrimination through EU directives. A special
highlight is the Europe-Quiz, whereby visitors can test their knowledge
on anti-discriminatory guidelines and EU history through games. The
programme also includes films on discrimination, regional and national
music acts, exhibitions and a round of talks with politicians, companies
and representatives of workers and employers.

Events at each of the 19 city stops will be co-ordinated together with
national campaign partners, which include ministries, unions and
employers associations, to help emphasise the specific characteristics
of each country.

The truck boasts the latest technology and is designed for everyone to
benefit. It is fitted with a lift and a ramp for use by people with
disabilities and a Braille guide connected to a special terminal for the
visually impaired. 

For further information, contact: 

More details on the truck tour are available in MEMO/04/206

European Anti-Discrimination Truck Tour 2004

For more information on the legislation, and the Community Action
Programme to Combat Discrimination please see: 


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