MINELRES: Georgian NGOs' appeal on FCNM

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Mon Oct 25 15:48:02 2004

Original sender: Arnold Stepanian <pmmg@caucasus.net>

In 1991, together with the independence, the freedom came back to
Georgia and the country found its place in the History.  However, the
freedom laid the ground not only to the unity and tolerance, but also to
the separatism and intolerance.  On this way Georgia passed through many
of impediments.  Interethnic discord, intolerance and mutual mistrust
made considerable cracks on the surface of Georgian society dividing it
into several parts. At the same time one of those parts, minorities,
have been considered more as a factor of destabilization over the last
decade, rather than tangible potential for state building.  Process of
disintegration and isolation bred inequality.  Attempt to integrate two
unequal parts of the society, full of stereotypes and prejudices, will
hardly find success.  

In a new situation established after Rose Revolution our heterogenic
society needs new steps towards integration, as well as new incentives
to act.  Promotion of equality shall be the major guiding line with this
respect.  We suppose that the policy of positive actions toward
minorities could be one the first and most important steps from the side
of government, including honouring of obligations committed by the state
before the international community, particularly before the Council of
Europe.  We assume that timely ratification by the parliament of Georgia
of the Framework Convention of the Council of Europe on Protection of
National Minorities is the issue of paramount importance, as well as
proper consideration of OSCE, Lund, Oslo and Hague recommendations on
minority participation, minority languages, cultural and educational
issues.  The special tribute is to be attached to the recommendations on
application of minority languages on TV and Radio, adoption of European
Charter on Regional and Minority Languages, ECRI #7 recommendations on
national legislation on combating racism and racial discrimination and
other international documents. 

We are aware that such policy will enable us, citizens of Georgia, to
find a mutual language where "WE" will be a principal pronoun with
practical application.

Based on the aforementioned, We, the representatives of ethnic-minority
organizations, as well as the organizations dealing with the
inter-ethnic relations take the liberty of asking you to facilitate the
initiatives of "positive actions", namely in speeding up the
ratification of the Framework Convention on Protection of the national
minorities through its lobbing at all levels of Georgian authorities. 

In case you find this issue interesting, we are ready to provide more
detailed information about the strategy of implementation of the
"Positive Actions".              


Chairman of the Union "Public Movement Multinational Georgia" Arnold

Deputy Chairman of the Union "Public Movement Multinational Georgia",
Azerian community of Georgia Zaur Khalilov 

President of Association of Ossetians of Georgia Tengiz Gagloev 

Chairperson of the Union of Russian women of Georgia "Yaroslavna" Alla

Head of Lithuanian community of Georgia Zinaida Karukhnishvili 

Chairman of the Union of Azerians of Georgia Suleiman Suleimanov  

Head of the National Congress of Kurd-Ezids of Georgia Agit Mirzoev 

Head of National Assyrian Congress of Georgia David Adamov

President of the Association of Germans of Georgia "Einung"Harry Augst 

Head of Latvian community of Georgia Regina Jacobidze 
Deputy ataman of the Union of Cossacks of Georgia Ilona

Chairman of the Union of Armenian youth of Georgia Mikhail Avakyan 

President of the Association of Ukrainians living in Georgia Michael

Chairperson of the Union of Azerian women of Georgia Leila Suleimanova

President of the Association of journalists "Multinational Georgia"
Mikhail Aidinov 

Head of Bulgarian community of Georgia Raisa Beleva-Akhalkatsishvili 

Chairman of the Youth union of the Union "Public Movement Multinational
Georgia" Alexander Bezhentsev

Secretary General of the Association "Women of Multinational Georgia"
Stella Ispirova 

President of the Federation of Greek communities of Georgia Kiriak

Head of Youth foundation of Greek community of Georgia Vano Mititanidi

Head of Estonian community of Georgia Regina Kakhidze 

Chairman of the Union of Yezdis of Georgia Rostom Atashev 

Chairman of the Czech society of Georgia "Zlata Praga" Harold Shmaltsel 

Secretary General of the Union of Russian youth of Georgia Alexander

Vice-President of the International Youth Association of Georgia Dmitry

Chairman of the Independent League of Kurd-Yezdi women of Georgia Lili

Executive Director of Polish Sunday School named after St. Queen Jadviga
Nukri Gabunia 

Chairman of Youth union of National Assyrian Congress of Georgia  Edgar

Chairman of ht eUnion of Georgian repatriates "Patria" Marat

Chairperson of the Union of Baltic women of Georgia Irena Jikia 

Deputy Chairperson of the Association "Multi-Ethnic Resource Center on
Civic Education in Georgia" Guranda Chavchavadze 

Editor of the Armenian Russian-language newspaper "Nor Serund" Tamara

President of the Young Journalists Association "New Vision" Alexandra

Head of International Humanitarian-Charitable Society "Nadezhda"
("Hope") Valery Svarchuk

Chairperson of "Slavic House" of Georgia Nelly Rodionova  

Deputy Chairman of the Union of Yezidi youth of Georgia Devi Titali

Head of Women social-charitable Association "Ertoba" ("Unity") Ia

Head of the Union "Charity and Kindness" Valentina Bazilak 
Deputy Chairman of Tbilisi Community of the Union of Armenians of
Georgia Robert Arutunian 

Head of International foundation of Jewish women Marina Solomonishvili 

Vice-President of the Association "Compass-Georgia youth initiatives"
Khatuna Khalilova

Secretary General of the Union "Youth of Nationalities of Georgia" Tital

Chairperson of the Union "Shida Kartli - civic action" Arina

Chairperson of the Society on support for social and economic
development of Samtskhe-Javakheti region Irina Ginosyan 

Chairperson of Women group of Ninotsminda district Narine Ginosyan 

Chairperson of the Union "Inter-ethnic Initiatives for development of
democracy in Samtskhe-Javakheti region" Luba Matevosyan 

Chairperson of the Association "Bejini" Laura Kharitonashvili

Head of Armenian national union of Akhaltsikhe district Manya

The union of Armenians of Bolnisi Nikolay Eremyan 

Chairman of Bolnisi national assembly of Armenians of Georgia Ervand

Chairman of the Union "Inter-ethnic Initiatives for development of civic
society" Vladimir Chanturidze

Director of the Center of the Support to Reforms and Democratic
Development Ararat Esoyan 

Project coordinator of the Center for cooperation and development Paata

Director of International Center on Conflicts and Negotiations George

Head of NGO "Initiative" Irina Tsintsadze 

Head of Caucasian women network Nino Tsikhistavi 

Head of Information and Documentation Center on Human Rights Ucha

Representative of UN Association in Georgia Sandro Vashakidze

Chairperson of Organization of Kind Wiliness "Bridge-XXI" Miranda

Deputy Chairman of the Union "Regional civic initiatives for development
of democracy" Vagarshak Shakhbekyan 

Chairperson of the Union of Armenian women of Akhaltsikhe district Aida

Chairperson of the Women union of Samtske-Javakheti Ashkhen Eroyan 

Chairperson of the Union of young Armenian teachers of Akhaltsikhe
district Siranush Gevorkyan 

Chairman of the Union on human rights defense in Kvemo Kartli Natig

Deputy Chairperson of the Union of Georgian repatriates Klara

Chairman of International foundation of Kurds' rights Karim Ankosi 

Chairman of the Union of Kurdish Intelligentsia of Georgia Dmitry

The letter is signed by 68 non-governmental organizations 

Originals of the letter were sent to:
Speaker of the Parliament of Georgia Mrs. Nino Burjanadze 
Premier Minister of Georgia Mr. Zurab Zhvania
Chairperson of the Committee of the Parliament of Georgia on Civic
Integration and Human Rights Mrs. Elena Tevdoradze 
Human Rights Defender of Georgia Mr. Sozar Subelia