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Mercator Newsletter - No.8, October 2004 
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III Mercator International Symposium
"Linguistic diversity and education: challenges and opportunities"

The website of the symposium has been updated again. The preliminary
programme with the abstracts is now available on our website
www.mercator-education.org. As more information comes available the
website will be updated in due time.

The III Mercator International Symposium will take place in
Ljouwert/Leeuwarden (Fryslan, The Netherlands) from 25 - 27 November
2004. This conference "Linguistic diversity and education: challenges
and opportunities" examines new issues and developments in the field of
education, minority languages and learning within the European Union. 

Key issues of the forthcoming symposium will be: 

Comparison of educational systems 
Minority languages and policy 
Information and infrastructure 
Linguistic diversity in the new EU member states 
Media & education 
Mother tongue and 2 other languages 
On Saturday the 27th of November there will be a special plenary
session: “towards an European digital library for minority languages”.
In this session the pilot project “Digibyb” of Mercator – Education will
be presented and demonstrated as well as options and future plans for
the European portal for minority languages.

The symposium is organised by Mercator-Education in collaboration with
the other two Mercator centres; Mercator-Media and Mercator-Legislation.
It will be the third symposium in a row. The first Mercator
International Symposium was organised in Aberystwyth on 8-9 april 2003
with as theme: "Shaping an agenda for the global age", and the second
Mercator International Symposium in Tarragona on 27-28 February 2004
with as theme: "Europe 2004: a new framework for all languages?".

Fryske Akademy
Postbus 54
Tel: +31 (0)58-2343063
8900 AB Leeuwarden

News (links to the Mercator-websites) 

Media News - MM 
Welsh Language Regional Newspaper Faces Uncertain Future 
Partido Popular Prevents Television Channel from Broadcasting Children’s
Programmes in Catan Only
New sports journal in Galician? 
Romansh gains additional media coverage 
Radio Finland continues to broadcast – for now 
Gaelic Language Bill Introduced to the Scottish Parliament 
Map of Hungary Published with German Place Names 
September 2004 - ML
Greek school in Turkish Cyprus reopens 30 years later (CoE) 
Spain “wishes” to make Basque, Galician and Catalan, but also Valencian,
EU official languages (Avui) 
Town signs in Low German for the first time (Plattdutskburo) 
Turkey fails to protect its minorities according to a recent report
(Minority Rights Group) 
The Catalan government fines Spanish post for using only Spanish 

August 2004 - ML
Minorities in Armenia sceptical about new draft law aiming to protect
them (www.iwpr.net) 
MPs of national minorities ask for a minority law in Romania (Divers
Maltese Language Act adopted 
Basque government presents the third normalisation language plan 
EU official status for Welsh requested 
Catalan / Valencian: The Spanish government’s policy contradicts several
Valencian higher court decisions 

July 2004 - ML 

CoE: Last recommendations and reports on Hungary, Sweden, Slovenia,
Denmark and others 
OSCE denounces linguistic cleansing in Transdniestria, Moldova 
UN Human Development Report 2004 centres on cultural diversity 
Ireland will seek official and working language status for Irish in the
EU (Irish Times) 


Bulletin 59 - Mercator-Legislation
III Quarter 2004 | English and Catalan versions. Also available in PDF
Turkey: Regulation on the teaching of the different languages and
dialects traditionally used by Turkish citizens in their daily lives 
Turkey: Regulation concerning radio and television broadcasts in
languages and dialects used traditionally by Turkish citizens in their
daily lives 
Finland: Act 766/2004 Amending the Act on Upper Secondary School 
Council of Europe: Recommendation of the Committee of Ministers on the
application of the Charter by Denmark 
Council of Europe: Recommendation of the Committee of Ministers on the
application of the Charter by Slovenia 
Last bibliography highlights 
Last links highlights

Working Paper 16 - Mercator-Legislation
In September 2004 we have published a new Working Paper in our
Publications section. This document is available in English and Catalan. 

Language Planning in Estonia: Past and Present 
La planificacio linguistica a Estonia: passat i present 

Next Working Paper in progress - Mercator-Legislation 
Working Paper 17 on linguistic rights in Lithuania is in progress. The
publication will come out in December 2004.

II Mercator International Symposium's Papers available now - Mercator
The papers ara available in our website 

Changes at Mercator-Legislation's website 
New maps of languages in the Languages and Legislation section 

New titles in the library - Mercator-Education