MINELRES: CfA: Seminar "Youth For Tolerant Europe", Sofia, Bulgaria, 12-19 December 2004

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Call for applications for the JEF-Bulgaria International Seminar
"Youth For Tolerant Europe" 
12-19 December 2004, Sofia, Bulgaria 
The European Youth Movement - Bulgaria in cooperation with Bulgarian
Youth Initiative have the pleasure of inviting you to participate in the
international seminar "Youth For Tolerant Europe". 
The necessity for information about some negative processes (trends) on
the continent, as well as the need for building leadership skills in
young people aiming at awakening their civil consciousness and
acceptance of the common European values, are some of the basic motives,
which have provoked the initiation of this project. 
The seminar aims to contribute to combating intolerance and
discrimination by identifying measures for political and educational
action to increase the understanding and respect for diversity among
young people in Europe. 
* To raise the awareness about different forms of discrimination; 
* To exchange knowledge and experience of participants in the different
fields of discrimination; 
* To provide participants with tools, methods and other resources to
promote equality and eliminate discrimination; 
* To increase participants' knowledge about Human Rights Education; 
Throughout the seminar lectures will be provided by representatives of
the diplomatic missions of some EU member states in Bulgaria, university
professors and NGO leaders. 
The rich social program, including a sightseeing trip to the Rila
Monastery, one of the most significant and picturesque monuments on the
Balkans, will enable the participants to feel the atmosphere of Bulgaria
- an ever-evolving and modern country with great cultural heritage and
traditions, dating back from Roman and Byzantine times. 
  Age: 18-25 
  Countries: EU member states + Norway + Romania 
  Number: 25 
  Costs: 70% of Travel Costs will be reimbursed (up to 250 Euro) 
  Fee/person: 75 Euro participation 
  Board & lodging covered by the organisers 
  Deadline for applying: 1 December 2004!!! 

eym@scas.acad.bg, eym55@hotmail.com 

Contact persons: Stanislava Kaneva, Radostina Zhelyazkova