MINELRES: Moldova: 14% of Ukrainian children have opportunities to study Ukrainian

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Sat Nov 13 10:44:36 2004

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This is the first official encouragement from the Moldovan authorities
in a long time, and the first one from an important figure of the Party
of Communists of the Republic of Moldova which currently rules the
country, that the Ukrainians in the Republic of Moldova should study the
Ukrainian language in school. About 14% of all the Ukrainians in the
Republic of Moldova minus the secessionist Transnistrian area have
opportunities to study the Ukrainian language in school. Practically all
the Ukrainians of Moldova are educated in Russian-language schools.

Ionas Aurelian Rus

President Voronin Calls on Ethnic Ukrainians to Study Mother Tongue
November 10 2004 

President Vladimir Voronin called on Tuesday on ethnic Ukrainians who
live in Moldova to demonstrate "more willingness and insistence" for
increasing the number of Ukrainian-language schools. 

Speaking to the Ukrainians Community in Moldova (CURM), Voronin remarked
that just 14 percent of ethnic Ukrainians in his country have
opportunities to study their mother tongue at school. He supported a
CURM initiative to insert more Ukrainian language lessons in the
academic curricula of Ukrainian schools on Moldovan territory. 

The president was quoted as saying in an official press-release that the
care for minorities' rights and cultural diversity is permanent
preoccupations of his administration. 

According to the 1989 census, Ukrainians make up about 14 percent of the
Moldovan population, being the largest ethnic minority in Moldova. The
results of the 2004 population census regarding ethnic affiliation are
not available for the time being.