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Call for Paper Proposals 

The Minorities at Risk Project, housed in the Center for International
Development and Conflict Management at the University of Maryland,
College Park, invites scholars to submit abstracts for presentation
during panels at the annual convention of the International Studies
Association, to be held March 1-5, 2005, in Honolulu, Hawaii. The
project plans to organize three panels, as described below, to be
submitted for consideration. 

Panel 1: "Political Institutions, Civil Society, and Ethnic Politics" 

How political and social institutions influence political strategies of
ethnic groups * and the reciprocal question of how ethnic mobilization
influences a state's political and social institutions * is a prominent
question in the study of ethnic politics, ethnic conflict  and conflict
management. This panel seeks to bring together scholars *  using both
quantitative and qualitative methods * who study such  political and
social institutions as electoral systems and civil society  to examine
how these influence ethnic politics. 

Panel 2: "Transnational Influences on Ethnic Politics" 

 Many ethnic groups are spread across multiple countries or have  active
diasporas. How do ethnic kin outside a homeland influence ethnic 
politics within the homeland? How does the transnational character of 
some ethnic groups influence their political strategies and that of the 
states in which they live? This panel seeks to explore such 
transnational influences on the form and character of ethnic politics.  

Panel 3: "International Relations Theory and the Study of Ethnic

 Increasingly, scholars are applying theories originally formulated in
the study of interstate conflict to the study of intrastate *
particularly ethnic * conflict. What are the possible benefits and costs
of such an approach to ethnic conflict? And how do such theoretical
approaches hold up under empirical investigation? This panel attempts to
look at ethnic conflict at the theoretical interstices of international
relations and comparative politics. 

All abstracts and questions about the panels should be directed to Amy
Pate, MAR Project Coordinator, at minpro@cidcm.umd.edu. 

Deadline is May 31, 2004. 


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