MINELRES: ECMI FCNM Parallel Reports Database now online

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Tue May 18 17:38:28 2004

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ECMI NGO Parallel Reports Database
As a follow-up to ECMI's Framework Convention Database principally
covering the State Reports submitted under the FCNM monitoring
mechanisms, ECMI has created a second database covering NGO parallel or
'shadow' reports. These reports tend to mirror the contents and
structure of the state reports, providing another perspective on the
performance of government in relation to their commitments under the
FCNM. NGO reports tend to address and at times criticise, the positions
represented in the respective state report, and they may offer
additional information.
The aim of the NGO Parallel Reports Database is to present this
perspective in an article-by-article structure, much in the way the
governmental materials have been organized. In this way, the NGO views
can best be set against the positions represented by governments.