MINELRES: Challenges of Enlargement Community College opened for applications

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Wed May 12 16:09:23 2004

Original sender: Dasa Bolcina <dasa@acc.eu.org> 

10 brand new countries enter the big EUropean family! 
How is the new shape of Europe going to look like? 
What are the new comers going to bring to the Union? 
How are the “old” citizens reacting to the enlargement? 
Do we really know enough about the current situation? 
Are we aware of the new policies? 
Do we know how the old member states are preparing themselves to the big
What is with the promised mobility? How it is facilitated? Is it? 
And a number of other similar questions are to be raised in the
COLLEGE 2004. 

We will discuss trying to find answers. 
We will debate trying to get a conclusion. 
We will interact with the local population. The venue, where the event
will take place, is the region of the Italian – Slovenian frontier,
where mobility, multiethnicity, linguistic and cultural differences are
every day matter. 
By creating a tight connection among the young participants and the
local population through debates, discussions and workshops, learn and
recognize the diversity that is bonding us. 
23rd July till 7th August Trieste and Sežana. 
We will create a network to get rid of disinformation. 
We will prepare a document to inform people. 
We will publish a magazine to show what we did and what can be done. 

Deadline 30 MAY 2004
Please, find the application form , a complete project description and
the programme at: 
ACC Good Will Committee 
by Dasa Bolcina 
PS: Participants between 18-25 years of age from Italy, Slovenia,
Austria, Hungary, Germany, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Denmark, Spain are
supported by the EU-Youth-Programmes.