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A n n o u n c e m e n t

The Network University’s Online Summer School on Conflict Transformation

This summer three award-winning, interactive courses on conflict
transformation will be run ONLINE as part of an unique web-based
programme: The Network University Summer School on Conflict

Recent history has witnessed a rapid increase in the number of violent,
civil conflicts. Professional organisations have learned that competence
in conflict transformation is essential to effectively interact with the
breakdown in social cohesion, community disintegration, marginalisation,
and increasing social injustice that characterise situations of
conflict. The Network University’s Summer School offers three, very
different but complementary, learning experiences designed to assist
individuals and organisations whose work involves positively interacting
with conflict. After completing these courses, you will be able to place
your own experiences in a larger framework and will be equipped with
conflict transformation strategies that can improve your organisation’s

The courses are taught and supervised entirely on the Internet in
English. The courses focus on creating a shared learning experience. By
participating you become part of a learning community of professionals,
academics, researchers, students and recognised experts. This is
achieved by using a variety of interactive methods that stimulate you to
think critically on the why, when and how to apply conflict
transformation. These methods are complemented by weekly assignments and
intensive online discussions.

"I am excited by the challenge of bringing together an international
audience online and I look forward to the three programmes in which we
come up with fresh ideas for creating a sustainable world," said Prof.
Dr. Gerd
Junne, one of the creators of the online programmes.

The three courses will cover:

Youth Transforming Conflict (July 5-30, 2004)
Winner of the World Aware Education Award 2002:
How can young people contribute to transforming conflicts? What kind of
role can they play? This course will empower you with conflict analysis
skills relevant to social and youth work and will help you to design
conflict transformation strategies leading to positive community

Transforming Civil Conflicts (August 9 – September 3, 2004)
Winner of the International Relations and Security Network Empire Grant:
What are the reasons for civil conflicts to occur? What kind of
processes accompany violent outburst? How can these dynamics be
transformed? This course will trigger your thinking on important
concepts such as conflict resolution, multi-track diplomacy, how to
develop a win-win strategy and how to choose the most appropriate
intervention strategy.

Gender and Conflict Transformation (September 20 – October 15, 2004)
In many conflict situations security is considered a man’s affair and is
defined in military terms, however women have different skills,
perspectives and leadership styles. How can we develop a more gender
sensitive approach to conflict transformation? This course will
familiarise you with strategies to overcome gender specific barriers to
conflict transformation and address gender relations at the local and
international levels.

Participants can choose to register for one or all three courses.
Successful candidates will be rewarded with a certificate from The
Network University. A limited number of scholarships are available.

Places are limited so register early via the website!

For further information visit our website: http://www.netuni.nl
or contact Ditta Dolejsiova (fellow@netuni.uva.nl) 

Tel. + 31 (0)20 504 00 05.

We look forward to meeting you online.

The Network University Summer School Team.