MINELRES: Fwd: First housing discrimination case in Czech republic won!!

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Dear all,

I would like to inform you about another „major break through“ in the
Czech republic. Today (2 June 2004) the Regional Court in Ostrava
delivered the decision in the first housing discrimination case in the
Czech republic. Here is the summary of the case.

In July 2003, the Romani woman I.L., accompanied by her Romani friend,
attempted to rent a flat in the housing complex in Ostrava that is
managed by the firm R.Company. I.L. came to the office of the company,
asked for a free flat in the complex and in the case there was a flat
available she offered to rent it and pay for it immediately. She was
told that there were no vacancies and it was not possible to rent
anything in there in a long term perspective as there was a lengthy
waiting list of applicants (waiting for a flat for 20 years or so). 
Subsequently, a white couple from the Center for Citizenship/Civil and
Human Rights entered the complex and offered the same conditions as the
Romani applicant (they claimed that they needed a flat for themselves
and their two children and had enough money for rent). 
The white couple was offered and showed a free flat and was told that if
they paid a down payment and the monthly rent, they could move in the
same day. Both groups were recording the conversations on the hidden
recording device.

I.L. filed a complaint with the Regional Court in Ostrava in which she
sought an apology and non-pecuniary damages for suffered discrimination.
The defendant was not able to justify differentiate treatment and thus,
the Regional Court ruled in favor of the plaintiff and ordered the
defendant to sent her a written apology, to pay damages of 50 000 CK
(app.1 950 USD) and all court expenses.

The decision is not yet effective.

If you are interested in more information about the case, you can
contact the Center for Citizenship/Civil and Human Rights.

Barbora Bukovska

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