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International Roma Women Network (IRWN) is a united voice of Romani
Women in Europe founded in February 2003 in Strasbourg, France.
The IRWN is an independent organization created by Roma women for Roma
women.  Their members are drawn from over 6 million Roma women
throughout the world and come from every land in between the Black Sea
and the Atlantic Ocean.  
The IRWN is a membership-based organization that is accountable to its
members. They actively seek input from their members and challenge them
to participate in all their activities. The IRWN members are diverse in
language, the countries the come from, as well as their socio-economic
and education backgrounds.  They represent different Roma sub-groups
(Sinti, Roma, Gypsy, Travellers). The members of the IRWN can speak from
a wide variety of experiences

The board and members of the IRWN are all volunteers.  The organization
employs several paid staff members and works with independent
consultants.  The board and members are all Roma.  

If you want to join us, please send e-mail to
Gronfors Janette
National Board of Education
P.O.Box 380 
Hakaniemenkatu 2
00531 Helsinki

Tel.+358 9 7747 7652
Mobile +358 50 590 1431
Fax. +358 9 7747 7747